Bank of Baroda & Kiosk!

Note: Public holiday on every Sunday. Plus: on second and fourth Saturday. 24 days of service per month. Public holidays mean Holi/Diwali/Dussehra etc 1. It was my first visit to the BOB branch located near Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India. 2. I visited based upon the suggestion given by kiosk CSC Nitin Chaurasiya … More Bank of Baroda & Kiosk!

Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Efficiency Studies

1. The Cowshed needs at least 20 skilled hours per day for 48 cows. 2. The library needs at least 3 hours everyday for optimal functioning. 3. The garbage collection and disposal from fields and campus which includes but isn’t limited to plastic bags, wrappers and clothes needs at least an hour perday. 4. Naturopathy … More Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Efficiency Studies

It happens.

1. I received a delayed notification on instagram today. The only person who likes my posts had liked it 6 hours ago but the notification i received was exactly when i came out of Deendayal Rasoi. 2. End of the story.

Big Shots!

1. Gates is positive about better scientific advances in 2021 but won’t tell anyone that time travel already exists despite all the theories given by Hawking to support otherwise. 2. I would get a t-shirt by organizers of Bundelkhand marathon 2021 on Rahul Dravid’s birthday or eve of National Youth Day. I was thinking about … More Big Shots!


1. Bowled 10 overs. 20 hits. 2. Had some difficulty breathing. The ladies at home burn too much tinder to fill the house with smog. It’s been decades old practice. Might suit you in open spaces. 3. Read and edited some posts. 4. The cement pitch has been cracked open like that patch of sidewalk … More Syzygy!


1. Baal. Laal. Paal. 2. Baal Gangadhar Tilak. Geeta Rehasya or mystery of Gita. Founder of BHU. Had a four planet stellium in the tenth house of his horoscope. Popular. Author. Founder of a University. Has moustache like Neitzsche in his picture which is in the South West corner of the library. 3. Laal Bahadur … More Baalaalpaal