Big Shots!

1. Gates is positive about better scientific advances in 2021 but won’t tell anyone that time travel already exists despite all the theories given by Hawking to support otherwise.

2. I would get a t-shirt by organizers of Bundelkhand marathon 2021 on Rahul Dravid’s birthday or eve of National Youth Day. I was thinking about the need as i really can’t afford to buy a shirt at present and today i saw a tweet by Shoaib Akhtar in answer to a fan who asked him to choose a better batsman. A synchronicity made possible because it would be Dravid’s birthday soon.

3. I read the first verse from Himtarangini by Makhan Lal Chaturvedi. As i was doing that the librarian spoke about Maithili Sharan Gupt and the next book i picked for registration turned out to be Yashodhara. I saw a name plate yesterday evening and another couple this noon on my way to Gandhi Smarak Bhavan. The first plate belonged to Madhya Pradesh Bhartiya Janta Party state minister. Since i have seen that plate at other occassions and i know the street it came out of : the person lives in my vicinity or comes to meet someone living in my vicinity. What’s with the revenue department. Two cars within a day. Director general.

4. Jack Ma has gone missing. Billions couldn’t save him in China. Adani group isn’t supporting Ganguly as brand ambassador because of heart attack though he is supporting BJP. It’s a strange world and fortunes change within a minute.

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