Article 11

1. Took a class on storytelling in a nearby government primary school. The story was titled “Out.” It was in Hindi with illustrations.

2. Introduced words like stumps, bat, ball and described types of balls to students.

3. Spoke for about 10 minutes on types of outdoor sports played with pebbles, balls, hide- and- seek.

4. Students wanted to participate in another story. They looked enthusiastic and energetic. Storytelling is one of the best ways to inculcate words and help augment their vocabulary.

5. Walked about an hour after taking the class. Watched a football match in a local stadium for a while. There were some spectators and a few people in the audience. Then went to Shatabdi ground to watch some college students playing cricket with a tennis ball. Last time around a cricket academy used to be there. I was in touch with the coach who belonged to Kanpur, UP. Now it’s a silent phase. I had barely got acquainted with academy players and it has moved on.

6. I have been more active than usual on Twitter. It’s about time I learn tricks of the trade. Tradecraft craftmine minecraft craftsmanship shipworkman Mansetude. Etude Yuletide Idempotentate andornandnorwaybetttermanagementationizedifyinglenookrapsacallionostrumpledstiltedskinnuendocilebanonchalantennasterismsumosaicsverisimilitude.

7. Free rice is a nonprofit organisation by World Food Program. It’s run by United Nations. For every rice grain donated on it you get 10 more grains donated by sponsors of the site. The agenda is to create a generation free from hunger. And offcourse to educate children all over the world. WFP received nobel peace prize in the year 2020. It has many categories where you can learn words, languages, maths, literature, architecture and other subjects. I hope you would visit the site and explore it. A bit of your time might save lives in Ethiopia, Somalia and other countries where children are malnutritioned and uneducated. Thanks for your valuable time and perusal. Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Very impressive and interesting post. It’s great to know about special organizations like Free Rice to take care of the malnourishment and starvation among the poor people.

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