1. Bowled 10 overs. 20 hits.

2. Had some difficulty breathing. The ladies at home burn too much tinder to fill the house with smog. It’s been decades old practice. Might suit you in open spaces.

3. Read and edited some posts.

4. The cement pitch has been cracked open like that patch of sidewalk outside electricity board office.

5. It’s after two days gap i arrive here. Some vitamin number 4. A cat crossed my road after a long time. It went towards West with a thirty degree angle just near the old ITI building.

6. The news is brimming with accidents and traffic jams. Khara maas begins. Khara or Khala means beastly or contaminated. Mala or dirty. It’s the alignment of galactic core with Sun and Earth. Till Makara Sankranti: you have Christmas to celebrate and sleep a lot if they don’t burn wood to create smog.

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