The Sunrise! 21.04.2022 What’s unique? Maybe you would find out after two three months of time here: why music from some phones is more conducive to powers of concentration than others. I was asked to reduce the volume multiple times. That only tells about my lack of discipline.

The Trip to Chita!

1. Articles 13 and 14 of constitution of India. Equality before law and exemption from certain laws in special cases(ex: article 31) 2. I went on a trip. The plan was to watch a football match in the local stadium. A tournament. Something else happened. There were some kids in the nets. There used to … More The Trip to Chita!


1. Bowled 10 overs. 20 hits. 2. Had some difficulty breathing. The ladies at home burn too much tinder to fill the house with smog. It’s been decades old practice. Might suit you in open spaces. 3. Read and edited some posts. 4. The cement pitch has been cracked open like that patch of sidewalk … More Syzygy!

Death is dead!

1. It’s a strange place I have reached. Whereas the most abstruse of spiritual and political topics seem like back of my left hand: my everyday life is a life of dire poverty. My net worth is three hundred and twenty rupees and I am waiting to receive my due fees from three parties. 2. … More Death is dead!

500 Posts!

1. Thanks WordPress, followers and those who were associated with this blog or its author or related causes once. 2. The last few posts were either record of my routines or for raising rice grains via Free Rice, which is a United Nations World Food Programme initiative. Since I knew them for more than eight … More 500 Posts!

United Nations World Food Programme: Free Rice: Help Alleviate The Hunger!

I just raised 26000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here: 1. I made a few calls. 2. I heard some music by maestros. 3. I took milk, rice and pulses in lunch. I had poha for breakfast. … More United Nations World Food Programme: Free Rice: Help Alleviate The Hunger!