500 Posts!

1. Thanks WordPress, followers and those who were associated with this blog or its author or related causes once.

2. The last few posts were either record of my routines or for raising rice grains via Free Rice, which is a United Nations World Food Programme initiative. Since I knew them for more than eight years : I trusted them to devote my time for charitable causes.

3. It’s third WordPress blog. I also had a joint venture which survived without much activity. It taught me couple of things. This one is culmination of all my learning. Returning to basics and being as original as possible.

4. I hope I learn more when I reach 1000 posts mark as I don’t see it possible to move onto a new blog. There has been a series of revelation in the last few months regarding functioning of tribes and sacrifices. I still don’t understand many things. It would take practice. Time is an eternity.

5. Tohu verse which was due: freericesspooloopahachurevuuellipsisalacritzygoteneteemeeteetotalleructationoisomesugameteverlastinglingumshoeulogyrationsnowfallthingsulcustardyaddlepatedramatisticklertolawsnowinnrsinchenrezigzagzigguratuftiffinnishindigoannamesakeyayaveracitympanumbattuesdayosemiteacupuckeredragonfalonesomeowlowliferallyingyanglersibyllineidoleyennoblingastrickrakenophobeliskylineidempotentateeleeryearlyrealtorporocityinnuendocilemmingsingularitykey

6. I saw a guy who had an uncanny resemblance to a face I once knew. Deja Vu. I asked him where he lived and I did remember having taught him Grammar or English but he refused it. His name is Jayas Parmar. Maybe he forgot it. Alvin John. Prosopagnosia.

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