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Couple of harmonies!

1. I bowled only twenty times this morning. I ran more than I bowled. 2. I listened music and played vocabulary jam. 3. I need to play more and write more. 4. It’s a day with harmony: 11112020. There are two pairs. It’s also the eleventh lunar day as per Hindu calender. I spotted Leo … More Couple of harmonies!

Hindi Alphabet!

1. I scored 12135 in vocabulary jams. It was only five marks gap between me and the top spot in the second. 2. The morning bowling session was pleasant. I bowled sixty times. It means ten overs. (Yesterday’s draft) 3. I again counted the vowels, consonants and total number of alphabets in the English and … More Hindi Alphabet!



500 Posts!

1. Thanks WordPress, followers and those who were associated with this blog or its author or related causes once. 2. The last few posts were either record of my routines or for raising rice grains via Free Rice, which is a United Nations World Food Programme initiative. Since I knew them for more than eight … More 500 Posts!

Rastafarian birds!

There are few words. A few birds frolicking. There were eight crows on the way. The clouds are foggy but enough to obstruct the path of the Sun. Breeze is soothing. A couple of geese flying over the pond. . The white birds came here for food. The day was spent counting the spitters. What … More Rastafarian birds!