1. I bowled ten times. I had bought a new Mark signature tennis ball this evening. 2. As Piyush called I was waiting for him. He told about the experience of taking bhaang. I had not recommended it to him but the influence was to make him experiment. Ultimately : suffering for two or three … More Dimensions

Non Fiction!

1. Are these extraordinary times? I ask myself. I can support the positive or the negative responses to this question as easily as I want to. What do I want–is the next question I ask myself and how is it related to my needs is the third. 2. USA which mostly follows Christianity has 15 … More Non Fiction!

Bharat over India

A blogger whose name translates to grace, in his discovery of Bharat over India completely disregards the well known story of an explorer. He was trying to reach India and instead reached America. Assuming that he had reached India he called the native Americans Indian. Red Indians might be later day usage. This guy is … More Bharat over India


It’s the world family day. 2. It’s something or the other everyday I have been a nomad since my earliest lives. I belonged to one and to all. In every group I was the first one to break the sectarian bias. Though I favour Ramalinga vegetarian and vegan movements I can clearly understand why cannibalism … More Caravan!

Dogs and Clouds!

1. The waning Moon is the object of the barking dog. Wind is soothing and I wonder if I should call it breeze. As I walk it sussurates into my right ear. 2. The block system of WordPress app indicates that they consider the work to be an architectural design. 3. The Anuradha Moon has … More Dogs and Clouds!

Narmada, Death, Pigs, Polythene, Vishakhapatnam, Suicide and Narada!

1. We had a brief discussion on effect of Corona. We seemed to agree on improvement in air quality. Narmada and Godavari couldn’t be cleansed even after big movements and activists like Medha Patkar sacrificed their lives for the cause. Godhead heard them and Narmada is cleaner. It works in mysterious ways. 2. Deaths: Look … More Narmada, Death, Pigs, Polythene, Vishakhapatnam, Suicide and Narada!