It’s the world family day.

2. It’s something or the other everyday

I have been a nomad since my earliest lives. I belonged to one and to all. In every group I was the first one to break the sectarian bias. Though I favour Ramalinga vegetarian and vegan movements I can clearly understand why cannibalism and wrong turns exist

4. I only have my body and it’s microcosm as well as macrocosm. Contention point with siblings was always lack of any grounding regarding pursuit of family objectives. Why do neighborhood families have taller buildings: because they need them. Why does USA manufacture more weapons? I got accustomed to village life which had fresh air and plenty of space. Now technology which is incompatible with space is available only to very rich and very famous and yet they succumb to Cancer and other diseases. Ramalinga left with a fragrance of camphor in that room. Where did he go? He said he entered into all bodies. Didn’t all those who succumbed to Cancer or other diseases? No. Because their thirst and hunger lives on whereas Ramalinga or Gandhi left monuments which act as tome to me.

Is whole world really a family ?

Truth be told: adept is one who needs no food, water or respect nor company or help.

I have needs: clothes. Water. Entertainment. Events. Help. Company.

I can’t roam around this city without good clothes or a lot of food and water.

South East

Those who say the whole world is a family must decide first who or what is the world. I am the world and the family.

Those who haven’t attained pure body of gnosis and bliss have no right to say that the whole world is a family. They are serving a doctrine, a media house, a policy or a nation state or themselves to sell their shoddy goods.

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