Guilty as charged!

I needed to admit my guilty pleasure:

Let the whole world know: I have thrived in the last six months beyond my wildest dreams. As Tesla said in an interview: I have only gained and gained. Not weight offcourse but all the rest.

Should I have a survivor’s guilt?

I shared models of life to educate myself:

War. School. Prison. Dream. Journey. Work.

They overlap yet it’s the prison which made me feel my darkest fears. Solitary confinement is as much of a joke to me as Corona. I challenge Red Onion or any other state prisons to lock me up for experiment.

I once entered the parking lot of Cognizant solutions where lift dropped you but didn’t pick you up back unless someone came to take you. That was one of the mini deaths of being in a box for five to ten minutes but I would have stayed there for as long as body allowed itself : Rajkumar Rao’s trapped gives the vicarious experience of eating rats and becoming a non-vegetarian to save one’s life.

How many years before Zombie Apocalypse or Ramalinga Paradesi?

It’s still Purge and Contagion. Two Hollywood movies did better than all of India’s political and media houses combined together: add minority report and inception and you’re done. I downloaded project Gutenberg and it was crazy crap. I need some real science fiction movies to dream but new ones are not being made and olden are golden.

I am more free than most. Means i belong to those who have brought about the calamity? Thanos the nose. Populace lac lace embrace

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