I am not there yet!

What does “peachy” mean? it means peachy, the color of the Hawaiian tropic. A cheeky kid was walking towards the South East. The way of living room. Refused to do the needful. “It’s no good”, said the Mother. And he paid now no heed for there was no need! Only to see him once in … More I am not there yet!

Say gway wayward ardvark art of naked emperor penguin pub Peninsula park community!

1. Is been 2200 days. There is no use playing on another note now. There’s no smile at the beaten track. I have been true to the cause. But now they are after me. Yes: the Russian Mafia. 2. Mods, mosquitoes, midwives and mnemonic anaphora hora spoonerisms Orangutan rambutan anatropous Bhutan rampike. My hip hop … More Say gway wayward ardvark art of naked emperor penguin pub Peninsula park community!


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Tohu Minus Ten!

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Rudra and Ganeshvara!

1. Geeta Press Gorakhpur. Edition:13. Page : 356. Verse:1: point:4. Rudra: Means: one who removes suffering. 2. Compare this with the meaning given in the Bhagvat Puran: “one who cries.” 3. The word Guru means: “one who removes darkness.” The teacher is the clarifier. Gu is the root for darkness. Ru is the root for … More Rudra and Ganeshvara!


1. Good News: Japan and New Zealand have conquered Corona. They are however reluctant to share the formula with the rest. 2. Aaj Tak showed 92 news bytes in its super fast 100 at morning 7:00. 3. The number of people dead due to Corona was reported to be 170 yesterday and today. What are … More Newsfeed

Matthew ewe wee bit of dew!

Matt Automat Tic tac toe Nick flick foe Aloe Vera fermiga… Gaga goes . Chigoe goes forever Evernote chigur rungs Rugby rug guerdon guerilla guilded dandelion lionized zed eyes winged yes men ensconced cedar Psychoactive anandmide idempotent entomologist logistics sticky sticks stones nested tedtalk alkaline alcazar in bazaar arra raita lariat rialta Hulkenberg ergot ergonomic … More Matthew ewe wee bit of dew!

Operation Enduring Boredom Ad Nauseum Ad Infinitum Adversion Animadversion!!!!!!!!

1. I am planning on returning to Blogger. Or blogging simultaneously on blogger and WordPress. 2. Deathly hallows has USA on top. You can’t say that less number of people died here in India because of lack of testing. Testing is only identification and mortality in case of Vivid virus is related to immunity. 3. … More Operation Enduring Boredom Ad Nauseum Ad Infinitum Adversion Animadversion!!!!!!!!

Batsman ship!

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