Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Efficiency Studies

1. The Cowshed needs at least 20 skilled hours per day for 48 cows. 2. The library needs at least 3 hours everyday for optimal functioning. 3. The garbage collection and disposal from fields and campus which includes but isn’t limited to plastic bags, wrappers and clothes needs at least an hour perday. 4. Naturopathy … More Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Efficiency Studies

The Ganymede!

Punjabi pun unintended uninstalling lingas. Panjandrum drummer murmuring ringulated rigmarole. Rolex watches for women. Black coffee for men. Mensuetude etude deuce. Chantant d’Inde. Mensuetude etude deuce. Chantant d’Inde. Bye bye byson hyton ryton rhythm section. I said so aloud. With a thud Hudson valley was seen. I kept gluing the cobwebs. I reached the cataract … More The Ganymede!


Apotheosis Apohana oasis sisal salut salubrious. Apothecary carry out Apothegm Apohana anamnesis megrim grimalkin pilgrims general manager menagerie agent gentry tryst stylus lustrous sulcus custard apple. Artless curmudgeon only lyrics. Nude etude deutronomy laws. Mud flaps right after ombudsman budding entrepreneurs ursine piscene scene sinecure recusant cure all panacea panatela telamon gnomon gnomic phillipic phillApohana … More Rhododendron!


1. DLOG is short for dialogue and the acronym for Dancing light of Grace. 2. Imagine as a verb was never used in my studies as it was found today in the IBM: ad version. In Spotify it gives poor people about thirty minutes of aid. Maid. Animadversion would do anima. Amina will treat amino … More DLOG


1. Brahmani is the best name given to any lizards found in my village. It is passing by me towards the mound on the left side. It is not interested in me is it seems hungry looking for its food here and there. 2. In a way we have been encroaching on their territory. For … More Brahmani