Speaking versus typing!

825 am..24.6.2020

1. Nightingale and peacock. Honey bees and cicadas. Mosquito and Spider nets. In my class yesterday I had a brief discussion about the hornet’s nest. I had read an article in the newspaper about the deadly power hornets wield in USA and elsewhere to destroy honey bees systematically. Some days ago I was Surfing the web on my smartphone comfortably tucked inside the mosquito net on my roof. It might have been about 15 minutes or so when I decided to relax by laying down on a pillow. As I tried that I felt strange numbing irritating sensation on the left side of the top of my Skull. I wondered how could that be so painful as it was only some friction against the wall of the mosquito net. Once I realised it was the hornet inside the net the fear to move out of the net took over my being. As I was only wearing my underwear it could have given me multiple stings. But I have read that they put their entire power in one sting and sometimes death happens. To my surprise there was another and I hardly gathered the courage to move out of the nest.

2. No matter how resourceful o r creative you think you are you need to learn basic skills in order to be independent. Life saving skills come in handy all times. Shoaib had taught me to fold the net when he sold it to me but I had forgotten the method because it seemed complicated. I asked for help from my students and we looked at couple of videos on the same. Prior to that another pair of hornets had made their home inside the net which I used to leave open on roof under The Tin shade for the want of more space inside my room.

3. If I compare between the two approaches of blogging. Actually it should be called two approaches to writing: first is conventional typing using the keypad. I was many years behind other bloggers because I was using a laptop to type. Therefore it seemed burdensome when I started with a smartphone. On top of that the kitten made this phone fall and the keypad was destroyed beyond being recovered. Then by trial and error and a happy coincidence in my learning curve I came to recognise the potential to use OK Google Transcription service as a tool to record my ideas. Originally stream of ideas was supposed to be recorded live. it amounted in the maximum neural connections which are supposed to improve your intelligence because feedback is immediate. But the process has limitations. Since it is only the beginning of writing by speaking for me I am getting better at it day by day. Therefore you observe some of the articles with a better grammar and punctuation marks. The long articles are those which were transcribed using this service.

4. I have to edit and re-edit what I write most of the times with the transcription service. Whereas I am comfortable with whatever I publish by typing because that is the level of my communication skills and mastery over English grammar. I often wonder about the people who have mastered multiple languages because I have been stuck with basics of Hindi, English and Sanskrit. I do not regard superficial learning of languages highly. Having lived in the southern India for some years I can understand basics in some languages and due to their fraternity with Hindi and Bollywood I can understand Urdu and Punjabi quite well. But since I cannot use the script of those languages it is impossible for me to say that I have learnt those languages. I want to expand my vocabulary of English to a satisfactory level. In order to teach English I have to look up some words and I am constantly arriving bat new meanings and their associations with the ideas I already had about them. Unless I was concerned about editing the words I write I would have been much faster in recording them and that would have resulted in better articles. I think I would arrive at that point in sometime. It took me about 27 minutes to transcribe this post. Thanks for reading.

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