Why Does Penelope Burn?

How am I supposed to know?

Thanks for reading. It ends there. Tagline. Catching fire. Catchword. Stock phrases.

1. Mosquitoes are eager to draw their life force out from this body and some batlings were acting like horsefly when I came upstairs.

2. I had my early dinner and a cup of tea for a change (instead of coffee which is instant pleasure these days.)

3. I learnt about the word bildungsroman and phrase coming of age. I had heard that phrase and I thought I knew the meaning. Bambi is the book being read by a student. I enquired what she was reading and also enquired about the author and genre. In my search for answers which she couldn’t provide: I gleaned that novel has been adapted into a popular Hollywood flick. It was written in 1923 and it was gifted to my student by someone. I might have a go at it if she lets me. I was working on the catalogue in the library. The preface of “Unique Pilgrimage” by Dada Dharmadhikari. It seemed like an engrossing entry for he differentiated between commonly accepted meaning of the word “aniket” from immanent, impersonal brahm which is without any abode because of its all pervasive nature. Actually it’s nature of the nature. The commonly accepted nature is that of a hobo. Bozo. Bezoar. Oar. Arra. Rastafaria. Aria. Rial. Lariat. Lanugo. Goanna. Nanny. Nyayalaya. Laya

4. I was asked this question–

” Amaron battery for the Massey Ferguson costs 5600β‚Ή if you return the old worn out one. With a warranty period of 44 months. The same deal with Exide battery costs 5500β‚Ή. With a warranty period of 36 months. Which would be the deal worth doing ?”

The first one. Obviously. We had to grasp the formula for the warranty period after 24 months. It turned out to be about 40 percent being provided by the company. Meanwhile I looked up “Cranking Power.”

Silver Inside

Sidetracked sidereal zodiac.

I am country.

Try a rendezvous.

5. Pooja G belonged to the old circle of trolls. Melbuddhi is a new regular. Another technical blogger who seemed like a hacker is back with a new name. 5 years is a long time on wordpress. 10 years is long time online. I don’t have what it takes to earn money online. If apocalypse doesn’t happen by December: I might start thinking seriously about it. WordPress is an automatically self promoting firm. If you live in Canada or USA or work for them; you get to force feed all others and chances are you would be “freshly pressed and roasted like beans. He brew it so well that’s still fresh.”πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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