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Matthew ewe wee bit of dew!

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The Maximals City!

After the virus outbreak-USA with five other countries trialled China in the international court to which China resisted. Cold war became an all out third world war which lasted six years. Drones, Mind control and death rays were used to annihilate population down to six percent of global population. Global warming melted Himalayas and other … More The Maximals City!

100 posts!

I have made hundred posts here. This is my third inning on WordPress minus the pitfalls. It’s 15 and Friday both ruled by Venus. I don’t have kinda clout. But I need to thank you for reading me and comments: Defining Ambiguity who seems to have deleted their blog and the chess guy. Fatima and … More 100 posts!


It’s the world family day. 2. It’s something or the other everyday I have been a nomad since my earliest lives. I belonged to one and to all. In every group I was the first one to break the sectarian bias. Though I favour Ramalinga vegetarian and vegan movements I can clearly understand why cannibalism … More Caravan!

Time taken!

1. I am without an agenda or agitprops. A Kingfisher goes North with an insect in its beak. Neelkanth is the name given to lord Shiva and this culture relates this bird to the myth of lord holding poison in his throat so that others may enjoy ambrosia which was churned out of the ocean … More Time taken!

Dogs and Clouds!

1. The waning Moon is the object of the barking dog. Wind is soothing and I wonder if I should call it breeze. As I walk it sussurates into my right ear. 2. The block system of WordPress app indicates that they consider the work to be an architectural design. 3. The Anuradha Moon has … More Dogs and Clouds!