Thank you, Dr. Chuck!

After Dr. Win Wenger and UG Krishnamurti, he’s the third person I have come across in my web surfing experience of about 16 years who is willing to let others with an educational mindset translate, use and distribute his teachings. And I also appreciate his grasping the difficulty of non native speakers of English as … More Thank you, Dr. Chuck!

Siddhi Yoga!

A Nightingale is singing. In my memory. A few dogs bark intermittent ly. Lyrical melodies are in the air. Politicians and civilians were debating about alcoholism. My sibling had a sudden spell of vomiting yesterday and he couldn’t even reach out for the bathroom. I offered to clean his room later but he said it … More Siddhi Yoga!


May is a unique month: every day has same key and path numbers this year. For example– 5.5.2020 has 5 as key and 14 as sum which books down to 5. This is true for each day of this month hence all the children born would have no bifurcation of interests and aptitude in this … More May!

Another Twilight!

Being the Kaal Purushottama I feel the burning of my heart as dragon’s tail emulates Uranus and Moon being my cold eye waxes hesitant. Cat could not get its food despite meowing faint the whole day. Days of miracles and days of delusion are gone now. I have chosen reason over season. I have been … More Another Twilight!


1. I am trying to memorize the names of 12 jyotirlingas: Shri: 1. Vaidyanath 2. Omkareshwar 3. Mallikarjun 4. trayambakeshwar 5. Mahakaleshwar 6. Naageshwara 7. Bheemashankar 8. Ghrishneshwara 9. Somnath 10. Hatakeshwara 11. Vishwanath 12. Rameshwar. I know the creation myth behind the number 12. I read the story behind the 8. It says: there … More Ghrishneshwara!


1. Dogs are barking, birds are chirping the morning song, mosquitoes are romancing with my skin, stars are about to set soon as I sit to write this after a long walk. 2. I counted the milestone steps yesterday. They were 1000. I did 8 rounds, walking about 8000 steps in my imagination. Some batlings … More Workmanship!

The Dawn!

1. It rained. Sweet birds are chirping. 2. Dark blue clouds in the North East. 3. Seven parrots fly together towards South West. 4. Parajanya and Usha both look glee. The golden Sun peeped out of dark blue clouds briefly before getting tucked into its sleepy bed again. 5. Wet clay, drenched flowers, piglets on … More The Dawn!


I cordially thank following teachers who helped me transcend death and fear. May they grace me as dancing light of bliss wherever they are: 1. The Tibetan Book of Dead: terma by Padmasambhava. The teaching became only source of solace for me in my first recognition of inbetween when I was left stranded in the … More Thank-you!