Siddhi Yoga!

A Nightingale is singing. In my memory. A few dogs bark intermittent ly. Lyrical melodies are in the air. Politicians and civilians were debating about alcoholism. My sibling had a sudden spell of vomiting yesterday and he couldn’t even reach out for the bathroom. I offered to clean his room later but he said it would be done by the grandmother who was listening to my newspaper gossip when it happened.

A gentleman had kept a parrot captive. I was watching the mountains of immense light like it was the very first time. I am dwelling in the Constitution of India and Ramalinga verses for a while. They offer the harmony. Osho talks after seventeen years look better than present day comedians. At my own speed I can’t fill colors in my memories. I walk slower.

1. Aries arises ascends with Sun, Uranus and Mercury. It’s a Wednesday. Wednesday is 100.

2. I taught my mother about Ida, Pingala and the Sushumna again as she keeps forgetting. The Madhya Naadi runs at present. Bile. The ohlegm is last as water is dissolver. Adi is wind creative energy. Wind– Fire– Water.

3. Sushumna or madhya naadi is the path of bile or Sun — the hot path of righteousness. Vibrancy. Balance.

4. Many cows and bulls were playing in the ground in night. They were doing various contests and chased dogs as well as pigs away.

5. Birds are flying in groups to their offices. Moon is in moveable airy sign of Libra on the Cooper Mountain.

6. The number six rules the day. Venus and Niranjan. The sixth dimension. Golden yellow Sun !

Golden Yellow!

7. Mother had a dream this morning. There was a small snake in our porch. It transformed into Jaadu of Hrithik Roshan movie. It was sprinkling some water and talking to our maid. As she approached it to hear it talk she was woken up by father who needed her to massage his hand which was ailing. She told me this as she came upstairs for a walk. I don’t interpret dreams.

8. I miss the collective noun for pigeons. A bunch of them goes


9. Mars the ruler of Siddhi Yoga as Moon is located in the seventh from the Sun, confers accomplishment.

May you have a day full of


Time Taken -1 Hour.

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