Time taken!

1. I am without an agenda or agitprops. A Kingfisher goes North with an insect in its beak. Neelkanth is the name given to lord Shiva and this culture relates this bird to the myth of lord holding poison in his throat so that others may enjoy ambrosia which was churned out of the ocean of gems.

2. Like my old neighbours and family I keep repeating same things: that I was born on Friday the 13. Travelling to psychic realms or to distant places or around the city to fetch ideas on which you can write something novel is costly: I can’t afford even to read books for long. They need life force time and energy and fresh air along with plenty of food and all of them are scarce in my vicinity. Hence rehashing and repackaging the old garbage in new windows. Triskaidecaphobia.

3. Very few people talk about death. And I see no life in their eyes nor flesh on their cheeks. They’re all gingers and don’t admit.

4. Ritual, routine and mannerisms aren’t either true or false: they are requisite information for dreaming. Nightmares are made of violations.

5. Whatever you hold dear is holding you back from dreaming and it’s not awakening people strive for: it’s freedom to dream. Living and dying is dreaming. Being is dreaming as there is no present moment or now. Only a simulation of current sponsored by the time cafe.


2 thoughts on “Time taken!

  1. I really like your thoughts. Dreaming is living and dying, and people are not dreaming. Whatever we hold dear prevents us from dreaming. It sounds like you are saying to be free, you must let go. That is profound and very helpful. Thank you for your post!

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