From being involved as a participant to being a witness it’s a cycle. Again and again The participants have no insights Emotions choke them The witness has memories devoid of emotions From nostalgia to recording Again and again Cycles

Time taken!

1. I am without an agenda or agitprops. A Kingfisher goes North with an insect in its beak. Neelkanth is the name given to lord Shiva and this culture relates this bird to the myth of lord holding poison in his throat so that others may enjoy ambrosia which was churned out of the ocean … More Time taken!

Meta viewers!

2. Meta entertainment doesn’t exactly work the way I thought it does. 1. With improved knowledge we have more information and that presses more buttons. Like, for example, to quote my higher secondary physics lecturer, who was also a poet: the warm food is tastier only because your tongues energy sensors recieve more data relatively. … More Meta viewers!