1. This is what retirement feels like. I returned home in 2012 but had to wait 8 more years for the taste of it. I can attest: nobody else can: I am more retired than my granny or my Neighbors and fortunately I had to work only three years to retire with this handsome fortune.

2. Sun rises in Taurus. Baby Sun. Venus and Mercurial Mercury. Moon is in Aquarius with Mars and Neptune. It gives you nectar, inventive ideas and wings to your imagination. Simha yoni, Raksha gana, Indra Yoga, Kolava Karana in the juncture of eighth and ninth lunar days.

3. Atmakaraka Venus is ascendent. In its own house. Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu are retrograde whereas Mercury is combust.

4. Anapha anaphase vase case erase.

5. Rice nice ice spice cream spic and span pan jandrum Panhandle pangs panga gaga mesha syncromesha gamete mete out.

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