Dogs and Clouds!

Jyesh tha Dwi tiya

1. The waning Moon is the object of the barking dog. Wind is soothing and I wonder if I should call it breeze. As I walk it sussurates into my right ear.

2. The block system of WordPress app indicates that they consider the work to be an architectural design.

3. The Anuradha Moon has its head slightly tilted to the right. Mosquitoes want me to listen to their song in exchange for a few drops of blood, which isn’t too costly as all neighborhood seems to be asleep. In my childhood I used to wonder if mosquitoes existed in the times of Rama or Narada. Scriptures do tell about them.

4. Heavy vehicles keep passing. Singular larkspur landing. Dingdong singsongs of Singapore porous porcelain ain’t so cute more morel more losel selling lingas gastric tricks Asterix Chicago Goa goatee teetotalers Erny.

5. Within a few minutes I observe clouds near Big Dipper:

Hazy Big Dipper

6. Now the Southern dog is resting and Eastern is speaking to North Eastern. The haze is topos. A crane speaks briefly flying about sixty nine degrees before going mum. Mummers and miss summers have gone into the mercurial victory palace and lace ruffle ace the case as I hear crickets chirping.

7. They keep asking me: what am I about? What do I write about?

8. The cloud farming gives no returns.

9. Neither does the cloud computing. Tingling lingas mingling jingling blingbotsslingshotspotsupshots. I need to use smartphone cache to keep some aches at bay time to time.

10. Reading newspaper to Grandma was necessary to keep their demons at bay. By the end she started dozing off.

11. I recall lyrics of a Hindi song which sayeth: my friend Mumbaikar is visiting me: salutations to him. Let’s eat and drink in the night and rest during the day. In GK booklets I used to read that there were no mosquitoes in France. I hear sirens. I also read that there newspaper was printed on paper.

12. Now dogs in the South East are in a melee. A truck passes by on highway. I can hear sounds in 2 kilometres range now. Crickets chirping. Ft t s.

Tim e take one: 38 minutes 38 seconds .

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