1. Brahmani is the best name given to any lizards found in my village. It is passing by me towards the mound on the left side. It is not interested in me is it seems hungry looking for its food here and there.

2. In a way we have been encroaching on their territory. For a while it senses my energy and finds it to be alarming. I notice a small hole on its neck.

Insects; bramhani eats.

3. I observe the dancing plants and couple of red ants. I am gradually learning to appreciate the importance of accurate pronunciation. The well here might be 150 years old. We are supposed to celebrate Gandhi 150. It is 150 years since Gandhi was born in Porbandar Gujarat. This time around last year we went to administer and organise some quizzes in various schools of our town on behalf of Gandhi Smarak Bhawan in order to increase the awareness for Gandhi 150. But unfortunatly covid-19 pandemic has overshadowed this year’s work and celebrations.



It seems as if everyone has lost the way. But the truth is there was no way. The truth is you never lose the way. The truth is you are always at home. The truth is this is the complete truth nothing but the truth.

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