The Twilight

1. It rained for a few minutes. It has been about 2 months since I was prohibited from visiting this library. I observed the dates and there is no entry after the ninth of April. I hope I will be able to finish what was started. I was paid by my patron today. It is the first payment in 2020.

2. I have books which I love around me. I do not know the dimension I am in. I have augmented some of my skills in the last 2 months but the events have been to numerous to be clearly recounted with the reference to the catalogue register.

3. It is the second day of the dark half of the lunar month. The moon is in the 19th constellation known as Moola.



5. What is it that I wanted to talk about perhaps about the shape of events in the world. Parrots are returning to their nests. It is twilight. What dreams may become I know not what reality may become I know not true knot false not not not.

6. The climate is pleasant and I have ample amount of time to process the information and I also have Awareness to direct my energy towards the most meaningful course of events.

7. It seems all meetings trials tribulations and errors were to reach here . to an attentive listener. The fundamental questions remain the same. I keep wondering about certain things.

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