The day that was not!

1. The stellium in the 9th house has Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in the house of Capricorn aspected by the Saturn which is in the seventh house in the sign of Scorpio. Both Mercury and Venus are combust and conjunct. 2. This Scorpion Saturn in the fourth quarter of Anuradha aspects the Rohini Moon. … More The day that was not!


Harmonize arm chair hair Maruti air Moniker chief chieftain tainted painted TED Talks stocks leaves sleeves wastes asterisms prisms SMS smoldering soldering Ring of Fire wings of Desire Iridescent sent Jasmine Minecraft craftsmanship hip hop operand randi diaspora Ajanta and Ellora aur angutha Bhutan tenager German manager Manna Iguana enough anaphora spoonerisms no sphere here … More Astrologer

An Address

Coronavirus pandemic is one of the greatest problems humanity is facing. Humanity has seen AIDS ebola SARS and 2018 Spanish flu. It has also been through many droughts earthquakes and disasters. In recent wave of superstitions and political warfare has not dimmed  light of awareness. I hope it inspires us to educate ourselves and others … More An Address


1. Brahmani is the best name given to any lizards found in my village. It is passing by me towards the mound on the left side. It is not interested in me is it seems hungry looking for its food here and there. 2. In a way we have been encroaching on their territory. For … More Brahmani

Patrika and Bhaskar

1. As I write down this note the weather app on my cell phone shows the temperature in the town to be 36 degree celsius. 2. The Patrika edition of Chhatarpur reports today’s temperature to be about 35 degree celsius. 3. The Bhaskar edition of Chhatarpur reports today’s temperature to be 31 degree celsius. 4. … More Patrika and Bhaskar