Another Dawn another interface another victory

This is a beautiful day it has been drizzling since morning I find this application very helpful it is like dictating notes to alive assistant or alive listener I am sure within a very few days I would become adept at using it efficiently there are some noises from vegetable sellers talking to the neighbours nearby there are a few birds flying in the sky which is pregnant with heavy clouds I performed my everyday exercises and meditation after having taken my bath I also enjoyed having a coffee and some lukewarm water this application along with the recognition of availability of voice messengers across the platforms allowed me to explore added degree of freedom in my online interactions now I feel that the technology which was being used by me in the year 2010 and in the year 2011 while I was working in an IT company is is being used by the people in my town who are running their own businesses for example yesterday one of the kids in my neighborhood told me that my chemistry teacher who used to coach other students when I was in High School is is using the Zoom application to connect with a lot of students hear the problem he is facing is kind of funny looking but but serious in nature he gives the passcode to his students and since the size of the batch is more than hundred there are not all of them worthy of being trusted do all of those students are paying fees to him some of them who are not so serious with their career r are sharing that passcode with some mysterious students in the previous sentence it was not mysterious but mischievous this is the limitation of the the interface which cannot recognise all of the words and the pronunciations are also not recognisable because of the accent yet I find the editor is very fast and it helps you correct the mistakes as you read it back with the trial and I would be able to gain mastery over this interface very soon I do keep wondering however why does it take me to long to recognise appreciate and start using an interface what kind of obstructions hesitations inhibitory because this is is a new common interface and yet I find I am trying to teach students with conventional hands-on one-on-one ancient method where is my teachers are using the technology which I was using a decade ago so in terms of using in applying Technologies I am lagging behind and that is obvious when someone renounces traditionally and goes away from Technology so in a way it is kind of simulating what I had already learnt a long ago but to bring it online and to bring it in my day today life I need practice coming back to the problem we were discussing about the aforementioned teacher is being played buy some noughty child by some children who are not concerned about their career this kids use some random swearing words intentionally to disturb his class then this guy has no other alternative but to to dismiss the class this is a loss of the entire batch just because of some of the kids who do not mind own business I feel the solution to this problem is is true use a voice protected password mechanism in which case The Identity of the users would be dependent on their voice moreover there should be e a record of the words spoken by each and every participant so there would be a clear cut mapping of riveted what and when it is recognised that the the disturbance was created by certain identity that identity can be removed and dismissed from the class I would keep discussing more solutions to the problem and if the situation improves I would also make a note of that in this blog thanks for reading and paying attention to the talk I hope you would have a nice day

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