1. This was a pleasant day. It might seem odd: as I have plenty of money to feed myself for next ten days: my students who once used to dominate me seem to have disappeared. Their reasons might have a basis in reality but all of them needed a place when I was weakest. Still … More Tenet

Poultry Chicks

It was strange. They were all being unreasonable together. Having talked about pregnancy and how difficult childbirth is: epiphany of seeing it as a headline in the local news: moreover— artificial intelligence being promoted as a service for storytelling in newspaper headlines while he had been using it for sometime: it only told about coincidence … More Poultry Chicks

Oh I see/

1. The Pond called me again. 2. I came to visit stadium. It was open in the morning and I walked 10 rounds clockwise. I thought it would be open for good and for all. I was wrong. The local administration has been as much of a mystery is the world events at large. 3. … More Oh I see/

Ice Cream!

A few birds are chirping around a cute little baby owl who blinks often. It can rotate its head with the aid of its flexible neck. They say it’s malukeshvara: the vehicle of the goddess of the oppolense. Luxeme is her sweet sweet name. Taxeme. Raceme. Laxeme. The birds have a forked tail with a … More Ice Cream!


1. Good News: Japan and New Zealand have conquered Corona. They are however reluctant to share the formula with the rest. 2. Aaj Tak showed 92 news bytes in its super fast 100 at morning 7:00. 3. The number of people dead due to Corona was reported to be 170 yesterday and today. What are … More Newsfeed