Poultry Chicks

It was strange. They were all being unreasonable together. Having talked about pregnancy and how difficult childbirth is: epiphany of seeing it as a headline in the local news: moreover— artificial intelligence being promoted as a service for storytelling in newspaper headlines while he had been using it for sometime: it only told about coincidence but it was too uncanny and too frequent. “I thought I had seen the most wonderful thing in the world.”

… It was not the wrong question. They say gway wayward ardvark varsity fulgurant asynapsis. It’s not the end. Because everything is supposed to make sense in the end and nothing is making sense right now. Then the Doctor said, “Well, I’m going to London. The smell of poultry truck passing by was the worst thing this morning.

What do they feel like? Do they feel cheated for being reared up only for the eggs? Do they feel the fear when they wait to be killed for someone’s grill? Their entire existence is waiting for the death in order to be useful for their owners. What if humans are also living like that : throwing sacrifice ritualistic worship at random hoping to avoid inevitable end. What about those famed winners who became immortals?

Well, I have not met one. Women at large are reared up to get trained for rearing up children. Their main business in most villages is to cook, to bear a boy or four and to entertain entire families. Anything other than this: is a big black scar on the character. They are supposed to be that “real” human beings. But they’re not.

Look at the honest Shastri who was killed in a conspiracy. Being a son of the prime minister Gandhi got the luxury to experiment and be popular for renunciation. It’s true that he was authentic like Buddha or Mahavir in his experiments with fasting, truth and soul but it was not the only such enterprise. Ramalinga Paradesi or other adepts are not known unless they belong to the ruling class. It’s the ruling class which gets to morph the history into its choosing. It’s so filthy twisting of perspectives that you might feel aghast at the basic social unit of family narratives: extrapolation to the level of a country leaves almost no scope for truth as it really is. Moreover: is it a measure of success to be popular? The history which has been at mercy of popular regimes tells us that many public enemies were later worshipped as demigods and Messiah. Jesus, Socrates and Galileo are a few examples. But not the only ones.

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