There were two birds sitting on an electric wire.

An antenna was staring into an abyss.

A pictogram told of a feeble minded nuisance.

How easy it is to decipher her.

The assembly had assortment medley

. And the jumbled vocabulary quizzes by a middle school failure who thought he was trying his best to put up an educated guess.

What is the name of the bird?

What does the gestures of gutka mean?

Not here to educate or enlighten.

The art of keeping records on pingpong tables. Singsongs dingdong claptrap humdrum humbug gummy bears will be there.

The way to eternity is here: you might like or dislike what happens next, said the hummingbird.

The general rules are general and consequences are mostly postmartum stitching besides the inglenook use any books, any hooks, any mad version will do animadversion ions will call clouds of happiness or doubts. You might not like what you see in the mirror. You might run Helter skelter. Books don’t help always and mirrors might start lying contrary to the common saying.

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