The Moon Shines!

1. It’s 17:35 when I sat writing this note after having bowled forty times. It makes ninety balls today. Moderation has kept my knees from not hurting as much as they were. 2. I had a nice nap this noon despite the Bundelkhandi hammers. 3. PWD people are doing something in the middle of the … More The Moon Shines!

The Day!

1. Logic comes to my rescue at times. Though it also hides the higher intelligence. 2. Counting, reading, writing, running, balancing, mindfulness, humility, modesty. They’re all treasures : until they’re not. If you master a skill you should also count the dependencies. Electricity, water, space, hygiene and availability of good food are basic constraints for … More The Day!

Poultry Chicks

It was strange. They were all being unreasonable together. Having talked about pregnancy and how difficult childbirth is: epiphany of seeing it as a headline in the local news: moreover— artificial intelligence being promoted as a service for storytelling in newspaper headlines while he had been using it for sometime: it only told about coincidence … More Poultry Chicks

Narmada, Death, Pigs, Polythene, Vishakhapatnam, Suicide and Narada!

1. We had a brief discussion on effect of Corona. We seemed to agree on improvement in air quality. Narmada and Godavari couldn’t be cleansed even after big movements and activists like Medha Patkar sacrificed their lives for the cause. Godhead heard them and Narmada is cleaner. It works in mysterious ways. 2. Deaths: Look … More Narmada, Death, Pigs, Polythene, Vishakhapatnam, Suicide and Narada!

The Preamble!

Sovereign Socialist Democratic Republic. [ By 42nd amendment: the word secular was added. ] 1. Justice: means by using of reason or logic as well as witnesses– the whole system would serve the balance . The system would work to ensure human rights as well as animal rights. Because we, people of India care for … More The Preamble!


May is a unique month: every day has same key and path numbers this year. For example– 5.5.2020 has 5 as key and 14 as sum which books down to 5. This is true for each day of this month hence all the children born would have no bifurcation of interests and aptitude in this … More May!