The Day!

1. Logic comes to my rescue at times. Though it also hides the higher intelligence.

2. Counting, reading, writing, running, balancing, mindfulness, humility, modesty. They’re all treasures : until they’re not. If you master a skill you should also count the dependencies. Electricity, water, space, hygiene and availability of good food are basic constraints for those living in cities and towns.

3. Earnest salutations and business can’t go hand-in-hand in case of individuals. In case of macrocosm : anything and everything can happen. What did he mean when he said: I will play the game with balls for eons and eons: it meant something to him. No publication is allowed without a certain authorization. Whatever reached you was the best of the information available for you at that time.

4. Skill creates news. Rest is same. In love. In point zero. In sunn you sharpen the sword of knowledge for the journey ahead.

5. I received a training in impromptu speech today. The fundamental rests in noname files: I have been through it very many times. I would have mastered it if I was given a script to read. Then : there wouldn’t have been loss of accountability. Hence listeners and viewers. Shrauts and smarts. Kevin Spacey in the usual suspects. The jokes and teasing shouldn’t hurt. It’s not out of Truth but : infinite inexhaustible energy does appear to be limited in certain locks, books, constructions or ego structures.

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