Cosmic central Sun…alignment to Shishumara begins!

1. Julian day: 2459176. 7. Venus. Seth. 2. 22.11.2020: symmetry. Beauty of numbers. 3. Uranus rules the day. Quirk. South node of Moon which is placed in Aquarius is placed in the sign of Scorpion. The root comes out to be 2053 or 28 or 10: Sefer Yetzirah. Binary. The first order triggers a time … More Cosmic central Sun…alignment to Shishumara begins!

The Day!

1. Logic comes to my rescue at times. Though it also hides the higher intelligence. 2. Counting, reading, writing, running, balancing, mindfulness, humility, modesty. They’re all treasures : until they’re not. If you master a skill you should also count the dependencies. Electricity, water, space, hygiene and availability of good food are basic constraints for … More The Day!