The Cult of Dancinglightofgrace!

1. I met Suyash who is preparing for competitive exams. He said he would give feedback to my blog posts if I share the link to my blog. I told him to google dancinglightofgrace WordPress. You know: this is bound to be read by at least one person. You know where I wrote that word(feedback) … More The Cult of Dancinglightofgrace!

2G internet speed!

1. At 22:00, tucked in the quilt which I bought in Bangalore, after a nice, memorable walk as streets were almost empty when I was returning, thrillers of vocabulary jams on as stadium was empty, until the caretaker decided to lock me out, and I went to sit on a bench outside the number … More 2G internet speed!

The Day!

1. Logic comes to my rescue at times. Though it also hides the higher intelligence. 2. Counting, reading, writing, running, balancing, mindfulness, humility, modesty. They’re all treasures : until they’re not. If you master a skill you should also count the dependencies. Electricity, water, space, hygiene and availability of good food are basic constraints for … More The Day!