1. Soul adds up to 4. 2. There’s a character known as 22 in the movie directed by Pete Director. 3. This Disney movie is beautifully narrated and musical. It’s a good experience. Humor is certainly comical at times. It gives us a perspective about our day to day existence. 4. A jazz teacher who … More Soul

Eyes Wide Open

1. The parrots were feeding on the same ground where I had uprooted carrot grass as my first field exercise two years ago. It drizzled as I was walking and then as I was taking the class. I had a tea and water balls. 2. The black moth is flying. I sometimes think: when I … More Eyes Wide Open

Poultry Chicks

It was strange. They were all being unreasonable together. Having talked about pregnancy and how difficult childbirth is: epiphany of seeing it as a headline in the local news: moreover— artificial intelligence being promoted as a service for storytelling in newspaper headlines while he had been using it for sometime: it only told about coincidence … More Poultry Chicks