1. I bowled ten times. I had bought a new Mark signature tennis ball this evening.

2. As Piyush called I was waiting for him. He told about the experience of taking bhaang. I had not recommended it to him but the influence was to make him experiment. Ultimately : suffering for two or three days. I tried to give him some clarity with reminiscence.

3. I told him about Devasura war. About Pashupati and Narayana as being Shaiva and Vaishnava counterparts of Bramhastra. Since he tried to read Garuna Purana in vain : I told him how all tales are both true and false and neither true nor false or true and false.

4. I told him about countless dimensions which are as follows in brief:

4.1: if you face a direction: you are moving towards it. You are letting it be your counterpart. Spiritual, mental and physical energy gets aligned.

4.2 : For example: facing South means : being righteous. It means being open, clear and honest. It’s where Dakshina Murthy or Yama reside as per scriptures.

4.3 Take horoscopes of Rahul Dravid or Albert Einstein or Donald Bradman: they have the highest concentration of planetary energies in the highest public visibility house which is also the house of righteousness.

4.4 : if you face South: the West is Right: West in Hindi or Sanskrit means: that which comes later: the latest fashion or trend is most acceptable. The current generation is most advanced.

4.5: if you face South: the East is left: it’s hidden and Wrong to follow traditions.

4.6: if you face North or East: as recommended by all Hindu religious scriptures: Himalayas guide. The right is either East or South. In case of Hindu tradition: most protectors of Dharma came from Nepal(Buddha), Or South India: Shankaracharya, Vallabhacharya, Nimbarkacharya, Madhvacharya, Patanjali, Vallalar, Nayanmars, Aandal etc. Jiddu, UG, Satyasai etcetera.

4.7: if you face North: it’s left of East. Vaamdev: to the East or traditional is right. My father is not only left handed but always dictated me to follow the ancestors: pitris ruled by Aryma are hungry ghosts as per Buddhist understanding. All his life he talked about bhoot bungalow and Bhairav and Pashupatinath. Imagination being more powerful than knowledge clouds it and renders energy or Shakti bound by imaginary bonds or pasham.

4.8: if you face West: the left hand tantra is right: Satanism. If you face West: Southern will look like leftist tantra. If you follow West: that which came recently is better than that which was. No nostalgia needed. You’re your best version. Can you travel in time? Stop it. Stop aging.

4.9: Facing up you go higher: a general understanding is: gods live higher. Flying planes and saucers truly transcend time. If the Shrilankan war of Ramayana was for Pushpak instead of Seeta: with offcourse a few pretty airhostesses : it would suit poor aboriginal people who knew nothing better.

4. 10. There are countless variations of dimensions. It’s all a make believe. They begin where you are and they end in you. Peace.

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