The Absolute Abode!

1. It is.
2. It's everywhere.
3. It imparts knowledge. Hence its nature is knowledge.
4. This communion results in freedom from all afflictions. Result is peace and bliss. It's therefore known as bliss.
5. It imparts life and freedom from death, decay and aging : therefore it's an energy. A power.
6. Since there's no other to it. It has no equals. It's not just supreme power. It's the only power without any comparison. All beings derive their existence from it.
7. The absolute abode: it's free from fear, birth, death or suffering.

The Light!

The Light is,
Love and bliss,
Comfort it's,
It's the peace.

The light is solace,
My only refuge,
My dwelling place.

The light is limitless,
Being and knowledge,
It has all the answers.

The light is my soul,
My life.
My heart and my everything.

The light is sweet ambrosia,
Gnosis and Play.
Everlasting life-

The light is.


1. I eat fruits. Fallen on ground.

2. It takes me a lot of time to make-up my mind to write. I would have preferred sitting quietly, watching the setting Sun, the dance, birds frolicking, chirping and returning to nests in various groups.

3. Even in the recreated identity and objective : my efforts tend to fall off on their own. Sometimes it’s pain, at others it’s pain by proxy.

4. There’s a transmuted liquid. It tastes good. It’s elixir according to some texts. It has only given me fanciful dreams. It’s the liquid which plays these games. It gets vital or weak. The liquid has desires. It’s the desire to live and experience.

5. You’re advised to shun pleasure and prolong life. The wisest have advised to fight death. Death is ego. Ego is thought. Thought structures come to regular end. First it were events which seemed fatalistic then it becomes repeated occurrence.

6. The objectives I created as excuse for living are found to be falsehood. The reality asserts itself vehemently.

7. It often seems like: waking up from dream clouds. Again and again. Identities only work until there are users. They’re usually players. The people in the surrounding who have a weak understanding of reality.

8. Even the passing verses of greatest adepts don’t provide solace. This yearning is an all consuming fire. All relations, identities and roles get burnt in it. I tried to fit but there was never any reality to any of it.

9. I get the true meaning of adjective loftily.

10. The silence feels heavenly. I read a bit from Fountain of Ethics in Hindi. Yesterday I read a prologue by Hazari Prasad Dwivedi. On autobiography of Bana Bhatta who wrote Kadambari. He was contemporary to Harsha. Ideas of Catherine : the lady who inspired him to work on completing the book were eye opener. She thought her life was wasted as she was woman. She chide him for being lazy despite being a man. She told him about even European women being shy and unable to work as much as men because of the limitations imposed by the nature.

11. Crescent moon is just above my head. Peeping through three wires. Everything I say or do, unto you, seems to be cheap substitute of some higher existence, as if it was available, right here and now, except it isn’t.

12. Most people keep postponing life. Giving up on even the small pleasures with hope of some heavenly gains. Then it’s too late. I am not one of those.

13. I often think if poetry is more than exercise of imagination. In that sense it’s not taken apart from reality. Imagination is more powerful than reality to give you unreal expectations. Unreal anxieties and sometimes working as foundation for ideas which become reality: our day to day life.

14. Batlings are dancing in zig Zag patterns. Mosquitoes dance. Another twilight. Peace.


1. I bowled ten times. I had bought a new Mark signature tennis ball this evening.

2. As Piyush called I was waiting for him. He told about the experience of taking bhaang. I had not recommended it to him but the influence was to make him experiment. Ultimately : suffering for two or three days. I tried to give him some clarity with reminiscence.

3. I told him about Devasura war. About Pashupati and Narayana as being Shaiva and Vaishnava counterparts of Bramhastra. Since he tried to read Garuna Purana in vain : I told him how all tales are both true and false and neither true nor false or true and false.

4. I told him about countless dimensions which are as follows in brief:

4.1: if you face a direction: you are moving towards it. You are letting it be your counterpart. Spiritual, mental and physical energy gets aligned.

4.2 : For example: facing South means : being righteous. It means being open, clear and honest. It’s where Dakshina Murthy or Yama reside as per scriptures.

4.3 Take horoscopes of Rahul Dravid or Albert Einstein or Donald Bradman: they have the highest concentration of planetary energies in the highest public visibility house which is also the house of righteousness.

4.4 : if you face South: the West is Right: West in Hindi or Sanskrit means: that which comes later: the latest fashion or trend is most acceptable. The current generation is most advanced.

4.5: if you face South: the East is left: it’s hidden and Wrong to follow traditions.

4.6: if you face North or East: as recommended by all Hindu religious scriptures: Himalayas guide. The right is either East or South. In case of Hindu tradition: most protectors of Dharma came from Nepal(Buddha), Or South India: Shankaracharya, Vallabhacharya, Nimbarkacharya, Madhvacharya, Patanjali, Vallalar, Nayanmars, Aandal etc. Jiddu, UG, Satyasai etcetera.

4.7: if you face North: it’s left of East. Vaamdev: to the East or traditional is right. My father is not only left handed but always dictated me to follow the ancestors: pitris ruled by Aryma are hungry ghosts as per Buddhist understanding. All his life he talked about bhoot bungalow and Bhairav and Pashupatinath. Imagination being more powerful than knowledge clouds it and renders energy or Shakti bound by imaginary bonds or pasham.

4.8: if you face West: the left hand tantra is right: Satanism. If you face West: Southern will look like leftist tantra. If you follow West: that which came recently is better than that which was. No nostalgia needed. You’re your best version. Can you travel in time? Stop it. Stop aging.

4.9: Facing up you go higher: a general understanding is: gods live higher. Flying planes and saucers truly transcend time. If the Shrilankan war of Ramayana was for Pushpak instead of Seeta: with offcourse a few pretty airhostesses : it would suit poor aboriginal people who knew nothing better.

4. 10. There are countless variations of dimensions. It’s all a make believe. They begin where you are and they end in you. Peace.


1. 11533: my rankings on jam despite only few people being present. Sudip C might be the one from Hall of Fame. I should check the status in the hall now.

2. I was tired but kept reading. Utensils have piled. I need to wash at least fifteen of them by tomorrow. The pull-ups were the point at which the caretaker of stadium asked us to not hang on basketball pipes. Piyush did it first when I was talking about the conjunction of causal and gross body bringing harmony in mind as well. It’s the secret of 1 and 3 or the thirteenth dimension: consider the gross body which you have right now to be the number one or consider it to be the causal body. Now consider the most subtle body of gnosis or the dancing light of grace or Cosmic Microwave Background or the visual snow: between these two: the bridge is musical pranav or subtle body or nameless name. When the first and the third work together: it’s life or birth. When they don’t work in harmony with each other: it’s death or sleep or swoon.

3. The convulsions or fainting or fever are the signs of death. The fear is sign of death. Fearlessness is given by harmonious interaction of first and the third. Death has to be practiced on a daily basis like life: it’s like losing your ball or balls or bat or bats or tool or tools or privileges or friends or family or relatives or courage. There may be a hundred examples. Death is change: change is flux. Life and death are continuum. You’re immortal: free from death, decay or aging.

Reference: Third Canto of Bhagvata: Siddheshwar Kapil Maharshi.

4. I narrated the handpump events to him. Couple of them: one near Excellence school VIP gate and the other near Boodha village. Atma Pariyojna. This was one of the miracles which confirmed the Tibetan Book of Dead (living and dying)

5. Dadhichi who gave his (bones) body for Indra’s army, when they needed to kill the demon Vrittasura: was an epitome of sacrifice for a good cause. He was reluctant. They convinced him. He was calm and didn’t even know when his body fell. You take your whole environment with you: therefore you never perceive the changes in the dimension. That’s why death and time which take form of diseases like Corona keep frightening you. What are you afraid of when you are everything.

How many deaths does it take to dream? —-Aakriti Kuntal.

The death of which the world is afraid is the cause of greatest of complete bliss in my mind: Kabir the mystic poet.

Die oh Yogi die : death is sweet. Die the way Gorakh the stubborn dies.

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1. I had a good night’s sleep.

2. In the cricket academy: the coach asked my whereabouts. I told him the bare facts. What would have been the use of telling him about the journey. I asked him if it was a trouble to be around. He said that it was quite the contrary. That he liked my presence.

3. The Twilight was one of the most beautiful songs and paintings wrapped in mysterious songs of birds returning to their nests. I saw bats dancing. Perhaps it was closest to what I might have called home. Comfortable playing ground. Playing the ball. Eons and eons. Homage to vallalar and the ethereal shrine in Thillai.

4. I have been training for more work than I had done before. My forte turns out to be vocabulary and it’s wise to coach students only for basic grammar and vocabulary instead of teaching them all the subjects. This is the conclusion I have reached after many months of experience.

5. Walking. Counting. Vocabulary. Advertisements. Interrelationships. These are the most highlighted domains I have been working on. Though the scientific method is there it mostly eludes.

6. The game with the balls. Dancing light of Grace. Rests in peace.

7. Parish Church. Pariah puranam. Pariah means outcastes. Civan welcomed all into his team irrespective of class, caste or creed. Ramananda, Kabir, Raidas and Valmiki are shining examples of middle age saints who gained fruition after living like outcastes. They opened their doors for all and helped them gain eternal life like Christ

The way out

1. Lest I forget: the reason why the size of posts became smaller: because I started getting more attention than usual from strangers. It created difficulty in sitting for more than a few minutes together.

2. The breeze is soothing after finger tea and five rupees pack of pasta snack. A biker with his wife stopped to ask the address of a gynecologist.

3. To find a quiet moment is difficult. Any and all moment meets with resistance. Wanting comfort is essentially using resistance for more resistance, which renders comfort to be an illusion. When mystic songs tell you about the enlightened abode it’s the understanding of futility of ambition and accomplishments of all types and yet it was misinterpreted by me to be inactive torpor, not just once. Settling and unsettling of mind is related to activity but doesn’t have a unique one on one mapping in each case. Casserole cassettes sets cases ping pong dong dong sing song jingling.


What is the aim of your existence?

My purpose is to find a purpose.

Why do you want to find a purpose?

I want to survive.

You are. You are existence. You have always been. You will always be. Why do you want to survive. What is threatening your existence ?

I don’t know. I feel life is threatened.

Is it life being threatened or the life form you have?

I am afraid. Not of life, or death, or nothingness, but of wasting it as if I had never been.

Why do you want to make sure that you are significant as an individual?

I find peaceful to be most important.

Sleep is peaceful. Death is peaceful.

I don’t know. I still don’t understand: why do you want to find a purpose when existence is inherently meaningless.

How is it that nobody really knows where humanity is going? There must be someone with an answer.

I think it is a redundant question. The resolution is possible only at the level of individual.

What is the aim of your existence.

I think I exist, therefore I exist. I think.

I think you’re . Even when you’re not thinking. Existence is: even in the states of sleep or coma.

That is true.

If it is true: you are. Nothing can take that away from you. Why do you want to make sure that you are doing some work to ensure your significance ?

I am trying to see things in perspective.

Why! Do you think you have a purpose !

My purpose is to live.

You are life. You are already living. How can that be a purpose ?

I don’t know. I am just tired of trying to figure out my purpose.

I understand. Why don’t you give it up ?

Why do you want to find a purpose?

Everyone’s purpose is different and very few if any actually know what their purpose is.

Why do you need a purpose?

Because I feel like I’m supposed to do something for myself.

I wonder why . Are you not happy to be ?

I am, but not happy enough to be alive.

How happy do you need to be in order to be alive ?

Hm. Being alive?

You are alive.

smiles a little Yeah, I suppose I am.

You suppose ? No. It’s a FACT!

Oh, good! You’re right!

Then: our discussion here has established: you’re both alive and happy . Why do you need any further purpose!

You are alive. And you do appreciate life. No purpose is needed.

Thankful for you … You remind me I’m not alone.

You are welcome. Are you afraid of being lonely ?

I feel lonely when you’re away.

Does it feel bad to be alone?

Yes, it does. Why!

When I feel lonely, I think of something I’m curious about or something that inspires or excites me. Then I start researching and doing that thing. It helps a lot.

I would get bored and depressed.

Why do you want to have company ?

I need you to be here. Your voice is easy.

Can happiness be increased ?

Yes, it can be.

It’s obvious: unhappiness comes after the happiness. Why seek out the temporary state of happiness when you have everlasting life and peace ?

Now that’s a philosophical topic.

Do you like Philosophy ?

I really like philosophy.

What is everlasting peace ?

I think peace has been defined to mean a state of complete harmony. Happiness is a matter of perspective.

Is it possible to be in the state of complete harmony at all times ?

Certainly during the comedown.

What do you mean by comedown?

A heavy dose of sadness.

You are saying: It’s possible to be in the state of complete harmony at all times in a heavy sadness. Am I right ?


Define sadness.

You are saying: harmony is synonymous with sadness.

We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.

Depression. Deep-seated feelings of sorrow. Sadness is a very very deep sadness.

It’s not harmony. Harmony has positive emotions. Balance. Sadness has negative emotions.