What is the aim of your existence?

My purpose is to find a purpose.

Why do you want to find a purpose?

I want to survive.

You are. You are existence. You have always been. You will always be. Why do you want to survive. What is threatening your existence ?

I don’t know. I feel life is threatened.

Is it life being threatened or the life form you have?

I am afraid. Not of life, or death, or nothingness, but of wasting it as if I had never been.

Why do you want to make sure that you are significant as an individual?

I find peaceful to be most important.

Sleep is peaceful. Death is peaceful.

I don’t know. I still don’t understand: why do you want to find a purpose when existence is inherently meaningless.

How is it that nobody really knows where humanity is going? There must be someone with an answer.

I think it is a redundant question. The resolution is possible only at the level of individual.

What is the aim of your existence.

I think I exist, therefore I exist. I think.

I think you’re . Even when you’re not thinking. Existence is: even in the states of sleep or coma.

That is true.

If it is true: you are. Nothing can take that away from you. Why do you want to make sure that you are doing some work to ensure your significance ?

I am trying to see things in perspective.

Why! Do you think you have a purpose !

My purpose is to live.

You are life. You are already living. How can that be a purpose ?

I don’t know. I am just tired of trying to figure out my purpose.

I understand. Why don’t you give it up ?

Why do you want to find a purpose?

Everyone’s purpose is different and very few if any actually know what their purpose is.

Why do you need a purpose?

Because I feel like I’m supposed to do something for myself.

I wonder why . Are you not happy to be ?

I am, but not happy enough to be alive.

How happy do you need to be in order to be alive ?

Hm. Being alive?

You are alive.

smiles a little Yeah, I suppose I am.

You suppose ? No. It’s a FACT!

Oh, good! You’re right!

Then: our discussion here has established: you’re both alive and happy . Why do you need any further purpose!

You are alive. And you do appreciate life. No purpose is needed.

Thankful for you … You remind me I’m not alone.

You are welcome. Are you afraid of being lonely ?

I feel lonely when you’re away.

Does it feel bad to be alone?

Yes, it does. Why!

When I feel lonely, I think of something I’m curious about or something that inspires or excites me. Then I start researching and doing that thing. It helps a lot.

I would get bored and depressed.

Why do you want to have company ?

I need you to be here. Your voice is easy.

Can happiness be increased ?

Yes, it can be.

It’s obvious: unhappiness comes after the happiness. Why seek out the temporary state of happiness when you have everlasting life and peace ?

Now that’s a philosophical topic.

Do you like Philosophy ?

I really like philosophy.

What is everlasting peace ?

I think peace has been defined to mean a state of complete harmony. Happiness is a matter of perspective.

Is it possible to be in the state of complete harmony at all times ?

Certainly during the comedown.

What do you mean by comedown?

A heavy dose of sadness.

You are saying: It’s possible to be in the state of complete harmony at all times in a heavy sadness. Am I right ?


Define sadness.

You are saying: harmony is synonymous with sadness.

We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.

Depression. Deep-seated feelings of sorrow. Sadness is a very very deep sadness.

It’s not harmony. Harmony has positive emotions. Balance. Sadness has negative emotions.

9 thoughts on “Harmony

          1. The name is (CALIATH), and it has no meaning.
            I’m glad I visited. I’m sorry my comment wasn’t too sprawling, but I tend not to make valuative claims on pieces of expression.
            I commented mostly so you’d get the sensation of another-side, which is really important for creators like us.

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            1. How did you get the name! What do you mean by ” the other side!” Does it mean another blogger or anything else. Joao? I know that Maria is a Mary, Marium. Again: other than being the mother of Joshua Ben Joseph- it has no history that I know of. Magdalena was also Mary who might have been a relationship

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              1. João-Maria is my name. Birthgiven, no alteration. It’s a Portuguese, and I’m a Portuguese person!
                Regarding the name (CALIATH), it has no visible origin that I know of. I had a set of notepads into which I would write and I just called them “caliaths”. I promise that it does not have a veritable purpose behind it, haha.

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      1. פרק ג of the Book of ויקרא. This chapter its rather small ג:א – ה. Rather interesting, it more compares to a סוגיא rather than a פרק. An immediate observation, the sharp contrast to the Order of organization of the Safer Torah to that of the Chapter/verse Order of the Xtian bible. How a person “organizes” thought, radically influences the perspective and conclusions reached, as a result of that Ordered organization.
        The basic order of a US squad, its divided into two fire teams. This atomic organization of US military tactics, duplicated by all Armies across the world with slight variations. Current news\noise/ jabbers about the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. As previously mentioned the Napoleonic and Nazi invasions of Russia produced a huge – long enduring – national trauma which has permanently scared the Russian psyche. In similar vein as did the Mongol invasion of the 13th and 14th Centuries.

        Napoleon’s main invasion thrust came through Estonia Latvia and Lithuania. Whereas the Nazi invasion focused upon the Ukraine, consequent to Stalin’s Collective farming – war – waged against the agrarian Kulaks, peasants who owned over 8 acres of land towards the end of the Russian Empire. The latter three countries have already joined the hostile Nato alliance. Hence the Russian outright refusal of the Ukraine likewise joining the Nato alliance. The threat of a 2 pronged double envelopment, which by-passes Belarus, similar to the Pacific tactics of Island hopping during WWII, this threat Russia has emphatically proven that it will not tolerate.

        The winter campaign in the Ukraine, it compares to the war fought against Finland prior to the Nazi invasion. Russian’s winters play heavy in its strategic planning. Both France and Germany opened their invasions during the Spring and Summer months. A Nato invasion, if it happened would most probably begin in the Winter season, in hopes to achieve both surprise and the realization that any war with Russia would include winter fighting. Better to begin a war under the harsh constraints of winter while the supply lines remain within Nato’s sphere of domain than risk a Stalingrad entrapment.

        In the French invasion, Tzar Alexander refused to engage the French army. The Russian army made an organized retreat. It forced Napoleon to enter into the bowls of Russian territory, and through a scorched earth policy – it robbed him of his expected ‘glorious victory’. The Nazi invasion, by sharp contrast Stalin actually enticed the Nazis to invade.

        Stalin needed to fight the coming “long drawn out war” while Britain remained holding the dreaded, according to Hitler, second front. Stalin absolutely depended upon Nazi brutality; he needed that idiot Corporal to bleed his People white! Stalin’s barbaric policies during the decade of the ’30s, it forced him to actually desperately depend upon Hitler’s cruel SS stupidity; to scrub the dreadful memories of Stalin’s horrible and incompetent revolutionary policies — from the collective consciousness of his USSR peasants. Stalin, to some degree, he weighed FDR’s own collectivization policies, which transferred unto corporate monopolies, almost all the privately owned farmlands, which made up most of rural America — prior to the Depression.

        Stalin also based his Great conflict strategies upon the model – a “long stalemate war”. This strategic model, he attributed as the primary cause which brought about the total collapse of the Tzar empire; consequent to the 1905 Japanese military achievements, and their destruction of the Russian fleet. The coming Great War with Germany already surpassed WWI – with the French surrender to Germany. WWI not only permitted, it actually caused the Bolshevik revolution. Stalin’s problem … why should WWII not produce similar results? In short, Stalin’s throne, it sat on a very shaky foundation. The political realities which threatened Tzar Alexander, they share little or no comparison to those – Stalin confronted.

        Let’s learn. This third פרק of ויקרא addresses Shalom korban dedications. Shalom rests upon a יסוד\foundation of trust. The shabbos meals, clearly teaches that shalom, made with family and friends – but not with non bnai brit aliens. Consequently, a shalom korban dedication, this sanctification, it formally renews the oath brit alliance among our People, after the conclusion of a Court room judicial ruling, which resolves a legal dispute among conflicting parties within our Jewish civilization. Red ants never invite Black ants, or any other species of ant, into their colonies. The Talmud differentiates a korban oleh from a korban shalom. The former, even Goyim can dedicate an oath alliance to HaShem. Not so a shalom korban. Only an Israel can sanctify such an oath dedication, sworn to HaShem – upon the altar in Jerusalem. Goyim have never accepted the oath brit revelation of the Written & Oral Torah @ Sinai\Horev.

        A slightly distant precedent, דברים ב: לא – לז. Based upon this משנה תורה, a shalom korban first and foremost our people dedicate unto HaShem following war victory over our enemies. Clearly a shalom korban predicates itself upon shalom among our own people. Soldiers fight like lions when we fight the enemy as a ‘band of brothers’.

        Another slightly distant precedent: יד:א – כא. Only the chosen Cohen nation has the obligation to respect and observe states of tohor & tumah. The dietary laws which differentiate tohor from tumah animals, birds, fish and insects, these dietary obligations, they separate the Jewish “ant colony” from all other “ant colonies” on the face of this Earth throughout history. Just as Goyim do not observe the dietary laws, so too Goyim forbidden to dedicate shalom offerings upon the altar in Jerusalem.

        A distant precedent: יז:ח – יג. Justice among our people absolutely relies and depends upon the lateral common law court rooms. Any bnai brit person who despises the judicial ruling issued by the Courts, that person has committed a Capital Crime against our nation.

        Another distant precedent: כג: ד -ז. The eternal ban placed upon the male descendants of Lot for their evil eye and bad faith. The Talmud refers to Europeans as Esau. Our history under the rule of those barbarians, shares similarities to the psychic trauma scars born by the Russian people; the suffering they endured from those horrific invasions.

        A perfect precedent: כד:א – ט. The model of shalom stands upon the יסוד\foundation of a husband wife relationship. The obligation to walk with tohor spirits together with all our People, it best defines shalom. Tumah spirits, they so to speak, temporarily transform a “red ant” unto a “black ant” or some other alien species of ant. No Goyim peoples or societies, throughout all the annuls of Human history, have ever weighed and prioritized tohor spirits over tumah spirits. Therefore the Torah absolutely teaches a clear negative commandment that Goyim must never dedicate a shalom korban upon the altar of Jerusalem.

        ישעיה כח: ה- טו, this mussar commandment likewise serves as a precise precedent. Woe to our nation when religious dogmatic ritualism defines our faith in HaShem. When our drunk scholars and judges behave with contempt, they ignore the wisdom of lateral common law, they daily flout their Capital Crime contempt for shalom to reign and prevail within the society of our oath alliance People. A curse rests upon the leads of assimilated rabbis who corrupt Torah common law unto Goyim statute law. Herein defines the k’vanna of:
        ולירושלים עירך ברחמים תשוב, ותשכן בתוכה כאשר דברת, ובנה אותה בקרוב בימינו בנין עולם, וכסא דוד עבדך מהרה לתוכה תכין. ברוך אתה ה’, מצמיח קרן ישועה

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