The way out

1. Lest I forget: the reason why the size of posts became smaller: because I started getting more attention than usual from strangers. It created difficulty in sitting for more than a few minutes together.

2. The breeze is soothing after finger tea and five rupees pack of pasta snack. A biker with his wife stopped to ask the address of a gynecologist.

3. To find a quiet moment is difficult. Any and all moment meets with resistance. Wanting comfort is essentially using resistance for more resistance, which renders comfort to be an illusion. When mystic songs tell you about the enlightened abode it’s the understanding of futility of ambition and accomplishments of all types and yet it was misinterpreted by me to be inactive torpor, not just once. Settling and unsettling of mind is related to activity but doesn’t have a unique one on one mapping in each case. Casserole cassettes sets cases ping pong dong dong sing song jingling.

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