1. 11533: my rankings on jam despite only few people being present. Sudip C might be the one from Hall of Fame. I should check the status in the hall now.

2. I was tired but kept reading. Utensils have piled. I need to wash at least fifteen of them by tomorrow. The pull-ups were the point at which the caretaker of stadium asked us to not hang on basketball pipes. Piyush did it first when I was talking about the conjunction of causal and gross body bringing harmony in mind as well. It’s the secret of 1 and 3 or the thirteenth dimension: consider the gross body which you have right now to be the number one or consider it to be the causal body. Now consider the most subtle body of gnosis or the dancing light of grace or Cosmic Microwave Background or the visual snow: between these two: the bridge is musical pranav or subtle body or nameless name. When the first and the third work together: it’s life or birth. When they don’t work in harmony with each other: it’s death or sleep or swoon.

3. The convulsions or fainting or fever are the signs of death. The fear is sign of death. Fearlessness is given by harmonious interaction of first and the third. Death has to be practiced on a daily basis like life: it’s like losing your ball or balls or bat or bats or tool or tools or privileges or friends or family or relatives or courage. There may be a hundred examples. Death is change: change is flux. Life and death are continuum. You’re immortal: free from death, decay or aging.

Reference: Third Canto of Bhagvata: Siddheshwar Kapil Maharshi.

4. I narrated the handpump events to him. Couple of them: one near Excellence school VIP gate and the other near Boodha village. Atma Pariyojna. This was one of the miracles which confirmed the Tibetan Book of Dead (living and dying)

5. Dadhichi who gave his (bones) body for Indra’s army, when they needed to kill the demon Vrittasura: was an epitome of sacrifice for a good cause. He was reluctant. They convinced him. He was calm and didn’t even know when his body fell. You take your whole environment with you: therefore you never perceive the changes in the dimension. That’s why death and time which take form of diseases like Corona keep frightening you. What are you afraid of when you are everything.

How many deaths does it take to dream? —-Aakriti Kuntal.

The death of which the world is afraid is the cause of greatest of complete bliss in my mind: Kabir the mystic poet.

Die oh Yogi die : death is sweet. Die the way Gorakh the stubborn dies.

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