1. What comes afterwards puzzles me. It’s a mystery. The infinity aspect of it is an assurance against boredom and it also confirms that loops which bore are essentially because of ignorance. 2. Ignorance and darkness seem like highest knowledge but there’s a difference. The enlightenment can’t be apprehended fully by human faculties of reason. … More Mysterious

Unconditional Love!

This date creates a numerical palindrome: 21022021. It adds up to 1. 1. The day began with a recommended tweet from someone who claimed to have launched satellites in Moon and Mars missions. Her GPA was 2.4 and she moulded herself to become a celebrity. I only moulded her tweet which had grammatical errors: perhaps, … More Unconditional Love!

Events Horizon!

1. Ashutosh Thakur, son of upper collector, Tikamgarh is jobless. He did B. Lib. and M. Lib. from Hari Singh Gaur University Sagar. It was in 2016. Since then he applied to many colleges in Chhatarpur and Nowgong but only met rejection everywhere. He works at a cyber cafe with a meagre income of three … More Events Horizon!


1. 11533: my rankings on jam despite only few people being present. Sudip C might be the one from Hall of Fame. I should check the status in the hall now. 2. I was tired but kept reading. Utensils have piled. I need to wash at least fifteen of them by tomorrow. The pull-ups were … More Dictums

Morning Running!

1. 30 balls. 2. Class in morning was an assignment where I did very well. 3. The burst of tyre of tractor. 4. Discussion about miscellaneous topics in library. 5. Kapil defines life and death in the third canto of Bhagvata thusly: When the causal body is not working in sync with the gross body: … More Morning Running!

United Nations World Food Programme. Help Alleviate Hunger in the world.

I just raised 17000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here: 1. I had a nice meal after a long time. 2. I also had a glass of milk. 3. I went to the library of Gandhi Smarak … More United Nations World Food Programme. Help Alleviate Hunger in the world.

The Blue Bird!

1. Listen well, oh wise one, I will reveal you an eternal mystery! 2. A kingfisher perched on an electric wire. A squirrel was rubbing its ear with its toe. The black bird with a crest asked the kingfisher thusly: pray tell me oh blue bird, why does this emptiness sucks me in, like dust … More The Blue Bird!


The trilling warbling chorus of slaty colored birds. Well, you do seem interested. Kingfisher sings. The mules walk one after another. Seven of them. The last two nuzzled. The man on bike recognized me. Came back to chat for a minute. The Shepherd was being funny on bike with his wayward cow. Another teen with … More Effort