The Blue Bird!

1. Listen well, oh wise one, I will reveal you an eternal mystery!

2. A kingfisher perched on an electric wire. A squirrel was rubbing its ear with its toe. The black bird with a crest asked the kingfisher thusly: pray tell me oh blue bird, why does this emptiness sucks me in, like dust particles are sucked by a vacuum.

3. The kingfisher said: listen well oh beautiful bird: the emptiness is not empty nor does it absorb. It’s your seeking which suffocates you.

4. The meaning of life ends in preservation and proliferation. It’s all about forms which are better, endurable and useful.

5. The knowledge is not illusion but the desire to gain knowledge or to prolong life is certainly illusion.

6. The blue bird continued as the black bird heard with surprise: listen well oh wise: the knowledge and its use are two different domains.

7. The knowledge is neither true nor false. Use makes it so.

8. Life is energy. Fundamental energy exists. Science admits it. Spirituality admits it as well. There is no confusion about it.

9. As water can’t long for water and fire can’t long for fire: life can’t long for life. What exists can’t desire to be. Desire always indicates lack of something. If life doesn’t desire, it must be an illusion. All pleasure and pain borne out of such longing must be illusions too.

10. Desire to live or to die are inherent in forms where life considers itself limited

11. There is neither a beginning nor an end to this timeless illusion which is supported by the timeless reality, like dreams are supported by the sleep.

12. Intense seeking ends in wondering. Nonseeking is the foundation for seeking but it’s primordial and at rest.

13. Those who seek eventually find what they seek and then retire. That which is true can’t be denied by either Science or superscience. Only the application makes one deluded because it’s parting from the perfect rest.

14. Master Ganesha went out to play, with clay! Lay down baby boy babu is on mount Abu said the master Saabu, a playmate.

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