In the beginning was the beginning!

There was a dead dog lying on my way. There were flies on it. I heard hymns as I walked towards the PAN card office. He gave me a receipt but the excuses he was giving for the delay had no solid grounds. I had given him the details before applying and his optimism about getting it in time has been a curve with downward slope.

Lopsided excuses by the new prospective employer who was either not able to afford me or didn’t find my demonstration satisfactory. She gave lame excuses just to be polite and it’s third rejection this season which goes to show I have put in efforts and I handle rejection very well. Now schedule is not going to be hectic but I have to explore a new dimension. The kid had headache as yet another drunken brawl caused him stress and anxiety. His plight is felt deeply but I am only a tutor. I have heard all kind of talk but the low mindedness to which people around me have gone merely to ensure that I comply with the status quo would make these pages look filthier if filled with detail. These are the same people who utter name of Gandhi and Shiva day in and day out and they have their own versions of all principles to suit their need. Jumman, the labourer was holding a quarter of beer under the teen shade made for labourers. I interviewed him before entering this premise on May Day in 2018. Nothing seems to have changed for him it seems. I have not observed his mad wife who used to break bricks using her head. The way about the way is to keep walking here. As it turns out: the tea stall guy created the ruckus merely to be able to abuse openly. Similarly, the big scandal was created to make sure that all the attention is drawn to their safety. I kept walking to only hear whining people whine more loudly. I am happy to have not got lost in my overpowering ecstasy. It’s good that I can walk for a while. Rest later…

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