Threading Ceremony!

1.There’s a dead bird. It rained in night. I would be lying on a bed of lies if I said that weather hasn’t been pleasant in the entire month of August. A month of nice weather is something remarkable. I feel wonderful : you can read, write or go for picnic if you can afford. I hope that we could have some repeat of it soon.

2. The man on the tea stall was injured and it seemed it was not polite to ask as he was wearing bandages and had many bruises. I hesitated before asking. I asked once the tea was served: he told that his bike’s chain slipped yesterday near the three way. The dragonflies are in the air. I hear people talk about something which is indistinct. I can hear the sound of the sea waves.

3. The goons were back and the talk you heard was not a coincidence. It was orchestrated by cowards for obvious reasons. The subtle build up of something they never understood. Why do they need these? Because they had nothing better. To make up for the years they failed to save.

4. The hole was full of them. They had no other business but to follow the command of their owners. Their purpose was to make you cry.

5. The question was not to take the vehicle through. The question was to feel free. There was a great deal of ruckus. It’s the same sign. The old man had many grudges. Gestation period was over. The people thought they were doing a good thing. I saw that there was a hubbub bubblegum Mugwumps thumbs-up handpumps umpteen umpires pyres resplendent dentists fragrant ranting about tingling lingas mingling jingling blingbotsslingshotspotsupshots. To be a man in those days was to fight for your country.

6. There’s a strange idea about making exaggerated claims. What people can’t control : they are scared of. Whatever scares you is the scarecrow rowboats oats sloat shalom anulom vilom anunaki Milwaukee milquetoast roast chicken kenophobia hobnobita tabanid horsemaybluecolddragonflyovertureundertoned. The Scarecrow had no arms, legs, or head, and what was left of him was lying in the straw.

7. As said before: you needed nothing special to be done to create a certain unease. Just be where you are. They want you to take sides. If you don’t then you are a strange case. They would accuse you of all things you never even considered. This is what witch trials were about. You may say there is certain devilry in the way they execute the so called “persecution syndrome.” But it’s at worst an attestation of the fact that you did something right. The garbage and the hole is full to the brim with such people who are scared for their lives. They are not aware of themselves and walk like zombies. I see them but can’t do much about them. At least I never showed them any flattery or pity.

8. There is a clear example of lineage being a hurdle rather than a support. Darker memes come back to cling even when you’re sober and aware that they’re completely ignorant. Contradictions are the fuel of the human mind. 9. Why can’t they directly tell you about their dislikes: because they are flickering, like their minds, in the wind of time: there are multiple layers of law. How many minutes of your time do they take before you return back to the dancing light. No matter how many it’s all going to end, for them, for you, for everyone because there are no eternal shows. They believe that they can leave their bodies. 10. The crow sings on electric wire. It sings a strange song. Kabbalists are not at rest. Why does it take so much effort to stay still? I really don’t understand. Fake news. They are too active and you wanted to tell them that their customs are good only for them whereas you are doing well. The Kabbalists took away the old world with their tradition.


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