United Nations World Food Programme: Help Alleviate Hunger!

I just raised 35000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here: https://freerice.com/apps 1. The scooty of the academy coach had difficulty in starting. 2. I had a conversation with a guy who owns a white dog. He threatened a … More United Nations World Food Programme: Help Alleviate Hunger!

Events Recently

1. The birds were chirping sweetly. Sound of a distant truck approaching gets louder. Doppler. Doppelganger. Granger. Germane mane inane anemone one two three…seven is the number of the heavenly crows on an electric wire. Buffaloes do their morning march. I convert starch into glucose. A Tupperware seller trudged on bike towards the petrol pump … More Events Recently

As it should!

1. A man on a bike in an underwear and a vest was singing something and smiled at me as he passed by. He was in a jolly good mood. He might be the happiest man I have seen in a long time. He didn’t belong to the hungry ghost realm. I started walking with … More As it should!

The Kingfisher Sings!

The ocean is a mystery. It’s the birthplace of life. Under its blue, deep waters lies a land of strange creatures. Squeezing squeed, weed concede, corral losel morsel, whale, octopus October, rivers and mountains and valleys Ever so life-long, finds little terra-lena. I wonder. Sharks indebted forever. Dolfins Finnish tiffin services. The father and daughter … More The Kingfisher Sings!