As it should!

1. A man on a bike in an underwear and a vest was singing something and smiled at me as he passed by. He was in a jolly good mood. He might be the happiest man I have seen in a long time. He didn’t belong to the hungry ghost realm. I started walking with an umbrella today as there was thunderbolt lightening in the South East. It was drizzling on the way and the umbrella came in handy. I took some pictures and met an old acquaintance who was taking tea on the same tea stall. I kept walking until I observed a kingfisher posing for a picture. I took a couple of shots before it flew away looking for its food. A dog was growling at a calf. I kept walking through the many hungry ghost realms. It was more difficult for me to get food on this day.

2. Onycophagist gist logistic sticks. The next day after eating some food, I took a bus and headed to the shopping street.

3. I was sitting silently and a nightingale started to sing a song. Some buffaloes were making a sound which was suppressing the song of melodious sphere of flutes. There were people inside the bus and they were thinking that it was very uncomfortable and they complained.

4. I had experience in traveling. I took the corner seat and kept looking outside. Sidereal zodiac actual snarling lingastronomical calculus. Since I was sitting on the corner seat, I could enjoy the scenery of the street.

5. I saw your face. It was pure love, beauty and joy. The time stopped and I drank the nectar of immortality. Honey dripping from your divine dance satiates my soul, my love. The carriage turned off the main street and I saw the scene behind the window.

6. A white brown doggie who was all wrapped in the mud had come to sit besides me by now. It has rained and trees, plants, animals and streets look fresh and full of energy. Raindrops have left their marks on the window glass, while the fluttering of the wind has left a feeling of total serenity.

7. There are water puddles and fishes. Some people are fishing. I smell some rotten things. Ten in number: I pen them down. Down the rabbit hole the toppled truck is still lying on the way. The Chihuahua and I leave the window and return to the kitchen.

8. I cook some tales. She has grown some tails of her own which ail every now and then though I keep trimming them down under anesthesia. She likes the tales late night her plight is on a flight to Honolulu publications have been catering ions on and on onions ring with caterwaul sounds. There is a presence of her own with which she is rather pleased.

9. There were four of us. Then there were none in nuntucket. I was preparing the bucket list for finales when it happened. A tractor passed slowly with some sand, then another, then another big Hyundai transport vehicle. She was coming with grass on her head, walking cautiously lest vehicles sprinkle the mud on street or she slips. My lips were not sealed anymore as solipsism had come to my rescue. Resplendent dental tally lyrical calculus lustrous omnibus. Another tohu verse in the making. A car passed, and the bucket list.

10. Well, the list dropped. Out of the bucket. And I closed my fist. Like a chemist. Mist was thick so I curled my wrist and took a twist along the long way. A long fellow had met Longfellow similarly. The demons were dancing in the discotheque. My paycheque was due. Verdue verdant ant slant. On the way home, the girl stopped at the bank, withdrawing enough money to pay her rent and buy food. 11. The scenery painted by you just before the rain was most breathtaking scene. The mystery. I kept walking through the fog seeing lines of trees and distant thick dark black clouds just before it started to drizzle. There were no vehicles in sight. No cameras can capture it. Once in a while a car would pass by.

11. The first story of the day finished by eight of clock and it was a sign. I was enjoying the jolly good weather and the soft breeze on my skin. Kith and kin were through thick and thin far away wayfarers. I turned myself to news. 19 kittens died in 21 days in Thane, Maharashtra. Gray slaty birds were singing in the ears of Ramalila Paradesi when he was composing his final 100 verses before his disappearance. Now the cat news is some news. I wonder if they would file it under Corona. As a matter of fact I had discussed with people about no animal casualties from so called virus. Isn’t it logical that animals living as pets should also have died? But Corona would follow no rules. I am worried if a time might come when there will be penalty on talking about Corona. A day might come when you can’t use Corona even in your fictional accounts.


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