Unconditional Love!

This date creates a numerical palindrome: 21022021. It adds up to 1.

1. The day began with a recommended tweet from someone who claimed to have launched satellites in Moon and Mars missions. Her GPA was 2.4 and she moulded herself to become a celebrity. I only moulded her tweet which had grammatical errors: perhaps, typos. I replied her. She didn’t get back to me. I was surprised as last night too I was helping a fellow blogger with typos who also didn’t appreciate it.

2. Walked for an hour. Skipped softy.

3. Sweeped library, verandah and the space around Gandhi statue. There were leaves. Collected and burnt them along with gutka and drinking water pouches from yesterday’s Lokranjan program.

4. Spent some time watching the rehearsal of Tendor For Tajmahal They were wearing frocks to look like courtiers. It was hilarious to see them. The play is supposed to be funny so I guess they’re successful.

5. Watched Glengarry Glen Ross. It didn’t impress me as much this time. The title and the starcast is intriguing. The plot is depressing.


6. With every passing day I feel hopeful towards afterlife. None of my convictions are actually convictions. They don’t last. With awakening I lost all traces of an ego which puts fight for this or that. I clearly see reasons for human behaviour. I try to convey my views politely if it’s in a one-on-one conversation. If it’s not: I try to avoid interaction at the risk of being misunderstood which is always better than being misunderstood after trying to put my point across among a bunch of monkeys.

7. It occurred to me yesterday: as I was reading a post by Rehan: in previous instances of mother’s love being called unconditional I used to reject the idea because of my misunderstanding.

Mother’s love is unconditional within the set of mother-child. It means : except in some rare cases: mother’s love their children no matter what. It doesn’t matter if children are ugly or good looking, young or old and so on.

Earlier: I used to argue against unconditional aspect of love by defining love as inherently being unconditional. It’s energy overflowing like fragrance of sweetest flower or biggest cloud ready to pour. If it’s not for all it’s not love. Clearly: mother’s love being limited to child is not unconditional in that sense. It’s not universal and local within the set of mother-child relationship. To call it unconditional love is appropriate. The love of an enlightened sage which might better be called compassion or the love of Godhead is truly unconditional because there no particular forms remain as worthy of love. It’s all encompassing.

8. I have decided to put down Aditi and other deities in Veda by MP Pandit. I have almost completed it in about two months. I got it issued on December 24th. Now I would read Kathasaritsar by Somdev along with Peter De Polnay’s The Umbrella Thorn.

Image credit Self, captured at Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

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