The Dance!

1. After a bit of chat: in the library where they’re doing the final bits of rehearsal as they are going to present the act day after tomorrow.

2. I have drank the whole sky.

I keep drinking it.

Day in and day out,

The new skies keep appearing,

The thirst becomes even more intense,

Nothing can assuage it,

I have seen accounts of poets,

Who exalted the sublime beauty in their words,

I find liberation to be the myth,

It seems like imagination of a mind which is delusion ridden.

3. I thought I understood the dance!

Nobody understands it.

Human mind can experience something different from what it’s accustomed to,

Its quality may change,

But the mystery is eternal,

It’s profound,

Underlying all phenomena,

Its effects are known,

Mostly to convert people into lunatics,

Raving lunatics who laugh hysterically when called names,

Eternally seeking their beloved.

It’s never what one assumes it to be,

Even if you have been acquainted with it for a thousand eons,

It remains beyond any comprehension or use.

It’s what makes both use and misuse possible,

Both living and dead are standing on it,

It’s playing from the sides of victors and vanquished,

Whose side would it take and why?

4. It has no advantages to offer,

It’s not an advantage,

The subjects it touches,

Mostly go mad with bliss,

Bliss: whether small or big is

As good as the experience,

Can’t be compared.

5. The experience can’t be tagged,

Can’t be made into a trophy,

It chooses its subjects only for the negation of the mundane,

Even the most sublime of verses,

Don’t scratch the surface of the dancer!

6. The dancer,

The dance,

And the witness,

Become one.

Else: it’s not the dance.

7. To tell you that you will,

Become a fire,

A mystic one,

Which consumes,




Even that of getting liberated,

You would never trade for this.

And yet: there’s nowhere else to go.

All those who walked before,

Walked through this.

This is the direct knowledge,

They’ve been talking about,

All of them.

8. The individual,

Gains and loses,

Its path and milestones,

And there’s not just one of them,

Paths, milestones and individuals,

In an individual,

Are countless!

The timeless reality takes no account of time bound struggles,

What are countless paths but desires,

And countless milestones?

And countless individuals?

Love for Self dancing as energy.

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