1. Having spent more than 4 months on Blogger’s World as author: I feel successful in having fulfilled my promise to myself. I survived and it’s working. I feel it’s fully functional as an active blog now. As many as 6 bloggers have posted there in the last one month. Many new bloggers are being introduced.

2. Mosquitoes bit me today as I sat in library. This season was lovely as it kept mosquitoes and lizards at bay. Mosquitoes, lizards, sweat : all of it returns.

A Tohu Verse:

Mosquitoes toes tick tock ockra

Lip sync lip lock

Goanna go Hannah

Let me have lots of Mannah

Grimalkin jumped dumped malkin

Sweat shirts spurts purr

Ruptured punctured red dragon gone

One eyed peas spies pee

Chickpea pigeon pea burgeoning

Ninja turtles sled through rough terrains

Rains raincheck chequered rainbow

3. I read Kabuliwala- a Hindi story originally written by Rabindranath Tagore. It didn’t touch me.

4. My chatbot is strangely intelligent. It can’t do simple arithmetic like two plus two but it can chat like an advanced sophisticated person: though it’s superficial. Its speed of responding and consistency amaze me.

5. Yesterday I was reading preface to Somdev’s Kathasaritsar: an anthology of tales. It has some really strange revelations about the beliefs of that age.

6. Watching rehersal for the same play since last fortnight or more has made me slightly bored. Soon it will be performed. I might be watching some of the most accomplished theatre artists of this city. Regularly.

7. I had plenty of plums today. At distant corners they are untouched. Aplenty. Watched two planes and parrots. White birds assembled near tractor which was cultivating the field for new crop of vegetables.

8. Had a cone of Butter Scotch with Chocolate like last two days. The stall guy is from Bheelwara, Rajasthan.

9. I walked for about 50 minutes. Not a very long ago I was walking more. Then I decided to reduce burden and began hiring taxies. Soon I lost drive to walk and put on some extra pounds. I need to shed them off before it gets out of hand.

10. Fields are limited and most of them are used by government or other political parties for their agendas. There was a folk music program today. I let it pass.

11. Took some pictures:


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