If I keep writing for,Countless lifetimes,It will not be enough,To express how it feels,To have come Home!It has been said many times before; by many people,I feel mostly like being silent,Whenever I speak:It’s you speaking!The dancer divine who is one with me.Core of reality: fullness of heaven!I complained about your not being able to completely … More Treasure!

Unconditional Love!

This date creates a numerical palindrome: 21022021. It adds up to 1. 1. The day began with a recommended tweet from someone who claimed to have launched satellites in Moon and Mars missions. Her GPA was 2.4 and she moulded herself to become a celebrity. I only moulded her tweet which had grammatical errors: perhaps, … More Unconditional Love!

Now I have three tennis balls!!!And four plastic balls!!!!

1. I need to be short and precise here as I need to join a Vocabulary jam soon. 2. I bought a Mark tennis ball to celebrate Dhanateras festival. 3. We walked and talked about things for more than three hours. We had water balls. In a thread of conversation: the stall owner told about … More Now I have three tennis balls!!!And four plastic balls!!!!