The trilling warbling chorus of slaty colored birds. Well, you do seem interested. Kingfisher sings. The mules walk one after another. Seven of them. The last two nuzzled. The man on bike recognized me. Came back to chat for a minute. The Shepherd was being funny on bike with his wayward cow.

Another teen with yellow light of his bike and a smartphone in his left hand is yawning without license.

Well, what licence do you need to yawn?

To own a smart fawn?

To Donn a bike at the dawn?

None, whatsoever.

It rained last evening. Just a bit. The man from the future was an entertaining watch but nothing extraordinary you have never seen before and fat, ugly actors kept calling themselves beautiful. I hope that’s not Brazilian standard for beauty depicted in a mainstream movie. The movie was made in 2011, a time when many time loop movies were being made. The market for the subject seems to be dry now. Drayfuss omnibus busted stead succubus succulent lentil till entomologist falls ill or gets the gist of twist Ishtar tartar arra Rastafarian aria. Riata realty. It’s the day you hear nation state devotional songs around you which were actually created to make money for mainstream cinema. The edition could be sold anywhere.

2. An auto passes by with a loudspeaker playing a romantic song. Buffaloes. I was ruminating about my September routine for some reason. At one of my places of employment they are preparing sweets and planning for a fast. Whether sweets win or fast goes slow down time rhyme ancient enciente chime. There were more people and vehicles on road this morning. All people who are slaves to death, fear, aging and desires celebrate independence which someone got for them. The song you hear around you is a deity that is angry when a nation state is not satisfied.

3. My partner in crime is always out of sync with me. I go to North and she goes South. The first thing I do when I wake up is check my email.

4. I step out of the house and cawing of crows is the first sound i hear at the cross roads. I come across junkies everyday. It is a Saturday and they say the vehicle of deity of this day is Crow. Crowd. Download. Row. Rowdy dying ying yang gingerly surly curly cues. I go to the river to wash my clothes.

5. And there were no fishes. You know if my 15 year old self was to see me washing clothes like this besides a lake it would be amazed at the creativity of life. For most part of my life I was chasing mirages: things that didn’t exist. I keep shedding delusions like a deciduous tree in autumn. The only one that sticks is true faith.

6. I am. Beyond that, there’s no object of faith. Love sure feels chocolaty and all but it comes with grey hounds and prize tags and very conditions for it are good weather and sound economy with delusional faith in inherent goodness of life whereas all you see is staring rings of ghosts, ghouls and goblins. But at least a Life Locker is silver.

7. I do keep telling myself that this version of mine is wiser than the one that was here yesterday. But the big question about the end remains. If there’s no end: I need a comfortable abode and if none such exists, as told by the experience, there is not much left for me to do, and yet I will keep doing something or the other stating the obvious. So I prefer to be among those who have remembered and not among those who have forgotten.

8. I am looking for a greater source of energy. I travelled in time and I intend to repeat it with calculable and repeatable accuracy. I was thinking about life: you need to pay for everything. Even most minimalistic life style needs plenty of effort unless you were born with a silver spoon, which I was not. To fall from the favorable opportunity and groups you don’t need to do something imprudent: just be honest and truthful or keep your silence and you will be given up by one and all. You need effort to protect your body, your room, your reputation. Further effort is needed to prove you are sane: such as regular small talk with neighborhood friends. The effort required to protect your ownership of your girlfriend, wife or land or the facility leaves very little of humanity in you. Whenever I feel busy and restless because of being busy I remind myself of people around who are pursuing women, wealth, fame or knowledge. I think this is an effort only a few people can afford and maybe that is all the people are capable of. Beginning with an effort to protect your health it’s all an effort to live for the sake of living. Living is its own reward. A biker in shorts brings grass on his bike. Drowsy and unwilling he orders a tea.

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