The Nation Needs to No!

1. I had a nice meal after arranging utensils in kitchen and throwing the wet garbage out for pigs. Tucked in the quilt which reminds me of Bangalore and days when I was a middle middle class guy: I need to ask: 2. Should the city, state and country be run by obese leaders like: … More The Nation Needs to No!


The trilling warbling chorus of slaty colored birds. Well, you do seem interested. Kingfisher sings. The mules walk one after another. Seven of them. The last two nuzzled. The man on bike recognized me. Came back to chat for a minute. The Shepherd was being funny on bike with his wayward cow. Another teen with … More Effort

To Be the Bee Be the Beetroot root for the Canal|||

The sun is shining brightly. There are no rainbows. The temperature is bearable and equanimity has been restored. I keep returning to this point only to forget it in pursuit of something greater: something which is sure to provide freedom from death and aging. Euthanasia has been on my mind for a long time but … More To Be the Bee Be the Beetroot root for the Canal|||

Euthanasia Awareness

I am merely translating this report by Vinay Saxena. An entire family died today. The mysterious suicide was supposedly triggered by the death of their daughter who had also committed suicide previously. I deeply feel that it’s eros versus Thanos in life. There are people who no longer want to live here. Why not let … More Euthanasia Awareness

Mayday Feelow?

1. Feelow: was the compound word used by the little girl who used to study in the kindergarten as I was going towards the water tank and found her on my way, other taps all being obstructed by other kids–she took a handful of water in her palms and splashed it on my face saying … More Mayday Feelow?